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Monday, July 30, 2012

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You ladies know I love to wear my strapless tops and the most popular question I get is.. "what kind of strapless bra do you wear?" And, honestly, I think the bra is the MOST important part of my outfit, it creates  the foundation - it's everything. The ladies MUST be right in order to feel my best. So that is a great question, and figured I could tell you what other bras I can't live without as well.

Over the years I've tried every type of bra and these four are my staples. Honestly, I don't bother trying other bras because these are the best. I usually have 4 t-shirt bras (nude, black, white, red), 2 strapless (nude, white), 1 sport bra and 1 sexy bra....yah, lingerie is low on the importance list for me :).

So, you asked and here you go - my top 4 best bras. I'm a 42DD - and have been up and down - so these picks are for the ladies in that range. Did yours make the list? 

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