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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I so distinctly remember HATING print, color and really anything that in my mind wasn't "chic" or "classic"...funny how your taste changes through life. In fact, when I try to wear all black with pops of white/silver like I used to, I feel just uggghhh. It doesn't add a pep to my step anymore. I need energy, I need COLOR, I need my style to reflect how invigorated I feel. SWAK Designs offers just that. Color, easy style, comfortable....really that's all that matters to me anymore.

SWAK came out with this most amazing print - Seville - I admit I want everything in Seville right now. They have some dresses and this top (Seville Cami) in this print and I couldn't love it more. The perfect tank is great with a belt, I really don't like it without one....feels a bit billowy for me. I paired it with my white cropped denim capris and brown wedge sandals from Torrid. LOVE IT!

Top - Courtesy of SWAK Designs - Link Here
Denim - Courtesy of Torrid - Link Here
Wedges - Courtesy of Torrid - Link Here
Necklace - Courtesy of Torrid - Link Here


And speaking of "projects" - SWAK Designs and I have launched Round 2 of Project Plus! Congrats to Round 1 winner Kiah!! Read her story by clicking the image below.

Suffering from Wardrobe Hesitation and reluctant to buy clothes - either because of gaining or losing weight?

Tell your story to enter to win!

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