Review | Torrid Denim gets an A+

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So, I think my life just changed a bit. You know I swear by jeggings, I love their comfy comfiness, and swore off all denim unless it said jegging on the label. Life's too short to be uncomfortable....butttttt thennnnnn, my friends at Torrid sent me some denim to try out. I was so flattered but honestly petrified, all I could think about was a horrid experience I had probably a year ago after I gained about 40lbs from my beautiful precious miracle Kyle *eehh huummm* LOL, and went from a size 24 to a 28 (well my bumm did, my top is like a 22/24) and needed some jeans.

Went in there all excited, picked up a few pairs, dashed off to the dressing room and cried my eyes out when the size 28 wouldn't even go over my thighs. Honestly, devastated and damaged. I knew I gained weight, but what the frick? It was like stuffing an elephant in a sausage casing - BHWAHHAAHAHHA - dude, that's funny right there!!!! No really, it was. :( I was convinced my ass was too big to shop at Torrid denim now and would only go to Lane Bryant or Old Navy.

So fast forward to this new package of denim....opened the box, admired their beautifulness of large stitching and dark perfect denim, but made my friend Katie try them on first, she's a size 20/22, I figured I'd see how they were on her first! She actually had a lot of room left, so I thought what the hell, tried them on and they actually got over my thighs AND buttoned comfortably! I couldn't believe it and was all excited so I tried the other pair on and again, success?!!! Honestly, Torrid redeemed themselves to this big girl with a big booty and I am delighted to show you girls. Plus, I never buy my denim longer so I can wear heels/wedges, but these were and I was so excited to wear my heels. I swear I felt 8ft tall!

So my review is A+, good job Torrid. These Source of Wisdom jeans fit great all day, didn't stretch and get weird. Your new slogan "We Swear By The Fit" is right on and I want to thank you for making the changes to get it right. The sizing is on point now and I think I'm converted :). Plus, can't wait to show you the other pair!

Jessica   /   /

Top - Old Navy
Scarf - H&M
Shoes - Payless
Sunglasses - $12 Cheapies bought at Fair
Necklace - Avenue
Bracelet - Torrid

Watch the behind the scenes video!

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