lunch on the river

Friday, August 12, 2011

I am a girl that will stop everything, even in my crazy busy schedule, to eat on the river with two of my favorite girls ever. They are my favorite because they are businesswomen, gorgeous, curvy and have the kindest hearts. Oh, and they have sexy Russian accents. :) hhehhe And, well the Columbia River is so gorgeous in the summer! This is the river that divides Oregon and Washington, we were on the WA side.

We had lunch at a hotspot called McMennamins and enjoyed some fresh salads, you know, on my "healthy" day. :)

You must must check out my friends! They are amazing!
Viktoria Pastors of (I actually designed her logo/branding/website!)
Dina Chmut of

Wishing you a wonderful weekend loves, and hope you got my Jessica's List email! I was on my sassy kick, so the list is full of sexy-ness :) If you didn't get one, be sure to sign up for me free weekly email at

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