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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I feel like I've been through the storm and back, and I finally feel on top of the world...like anything is possible. I 1000% give credit to all the readers who send me letters, comments, tweets and facebook love, because it is honestly because of YOU (and about 89 hours of chat therapy with my BFF, thank you Mandy) that I finally am realizing.... I. Am. Ready..... or maybe it's the sun's rare appearance?! *laughing* Or maybe it's the amazing cardi Lindsey sent me to try on??! :)

But, I have two HUGE projects in the works to unveil shortly, and until then, I'll leave you with this post - on top of the world. I hope the sunny beautiful shots inspire you to live life like you're on top of the world.

Shout out to Lindsey Kremkau of Trade Chic Plus Sizes. They offer an online store to compliment their brick & mortar located in Seattle WA area.

If you love my cardigan, go tell Lindsey and buy one! Shop Online with Trade Chic
Trade Chic on Facebook | Trade Chic on Twitter

And, shout out to my new bff photographer Jenn Greene for spending the day with me and taking some amazing pictures! Lurve ya girly ;-) "like" Jenn's page HERE.

Jessica www.facebook.com/fatshionchic

Thanks to Jenn Greene for taking this photo! She captured the day and my mood perfectly!

Thanks to Jenn Greene for taking this photo! She captured the day and my mood perfectly!
Tweeting on the go. Was I replying to you?
My goodies.
Portland OR skyline. See our windmills? Sustainable is #1 in PDX.
Shoes - $25 at Target. I swear, I only wear flats now....done with heels.  Black jeggings from Old Navy Plus Size online (not in store).
Shades - Target $19.99  |  Necklace $3 Clearance at Lane Bryant
Stopped by my friend, Misty Damico's, luxury wedding show to drop off prize coupons! Seriously swanky, so if you are bride visit Misty's site at www.luxeproductionsnw.com.
Thanks to Jenn Greene, you rock my world.

Unless specified, images are taken by me. Please do not use without permission.

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