31 is the new 21

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello hello dolls,
I'm gearing up for my birthday bash tomorrow night, and I'm setting out to prove that 31 is the new 21! I'm so excited to get to see all my closest friends and am so happy they will be coming out. In an effort to save some dough, we are doing it high school style. Well, high school with the martini bar :).

Here's a quicky post to say happy weekend! I was dressed up for the Purple Catwalk Fundraiser in support of the Lupus Foundation. Great event produced at my hotel, Aloft Portland. So here are some fun shots.....

So, raise your diet cokes and cheers to a happy weekend! And, please disregard all drunk texts and tweets this weekend. :) Sure to be a few.


Posing with Cindy Tayler of Eco-Under - she is the director of sales for the sustainable men's underwear line. She has a GREAT job :)

Posing with Amanda Lopez of Aloft. LOVE Her!

Top - Seven Jeans top - Lane Bryant
Pants - Trousers size Red 8
Shoes - Payless 5 years ago - $8 on clearance

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