i remember thinking i was so fat?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's so funny how you can feel so fat, so uncomfortable in your own skin, and 4 years later look back and think, DAMN I LOOKED GOOD.

The entire night I distinctly remember wrestling with my Spanx, which were SUPER tight, and the tight shirt, and feeling like my boobs were in my chin, pulling the back of my bra down, and my belly looking 9 months pregnant.

Why did I pick myself apart? Why wasn't I happy?

With the years gone by comes clarity.

I am happy now. Still have these jeans and top and hope to be able to rock them again like I did so long ago when I thought I was sooooo fat.

It's mind over matter. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. When you think your size is the problem, you're not seeing something else. So stop looking there, and look inside, there you will find truth.


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