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Monday, March 21, 2011

Today was one of the most empowering and monumentous days in my life. Today, I gave my resignation to a job that just 6 months ago I cried to find out I had been recruited for. The change? Why would I quit an amazing corporate job? Because being an entrepreneur is in my DNA, it's who I am, and I'm following my true path. I want to build, grow, teach, inspire and leave my own legacy.

Thank you to everyone who has ever believed in me, it's now time I believe in myself.
Follow your heart, follow your fire, there you will find true fullfillment.

Work + Wisdom = Wealth

**UPDATE on 3/22 - I'm beyond excited to say that my soon to be former employer will now be my largest client under my agency JessicaKane Brand Solutions!!!!! HUGE! I couldn't be happier.**


These pictures were taken last year from my good friend and photographer, Bunn Salarzon. They were meant to be my business head shots and then I never had a chance to use them. Well Bunn, I do now! Dress was from Figuresque.com, no longer sold.

A day in the life of JessicaKane.

Images copyright Bunn Salarzon - www.bunnsalarzon.com.

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