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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm finding that I wear less jewelry nowadays, which is kinda crazy since I was never seen without a big necklace or bracelet or huge ring, but lately, I don't know?? Maybe it's the mom in me (my kiddo is 2.5) or maybe I'm just completely uninspired - well yes, I'm a bit style uninspired lately. But, the one thing that always perks up my outfit is a sassy scarf. So comfy, pop of color/texture, can't go wrong!

And, here are some pictures from when my friend Brit caught me trying them ALL ON (well, 50% of my inventory).

Best news?! I just got another amazing scarf for my birthday thanks to my friend Meagan - thanks Meg!! It's a green and blue plaid - LOVE.

PS - my birthday was a BLAST last night! Can't wait to show you all the pictures! I kept it simple and wore - you guessed it- a SCARF! :) hahhaahahh


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