it's a giveaway...and i'm in a field...with white pants

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I had a fun day in the field! *laughing* I pass this corner all the time and I have been dying to shoot some pictures there while the weather is pleasant. So, my girl Brittany and I wandered over there one day since we were completely bored. She is an aspiring photographer, so I offered myself up at photo bait! And she did great!

I knew I had a great giveaway in store for you, so I thought it only appropriate that I wear my favorite tube top. I spotted this a while back while online shopping at and once I tried it on - instant fashion love.

And, I have a confession. I truly have a white 'bottoms' obsession! I just purchased 2 pairs of white shorts from Lane Bryant for the 40% off sale and now have 2 pairs of white jeans...I LOVE!!! Seriously. They go with everything!! *laughing* Genius I tell you.

I heart you guys and happy Monday! Who wants a benjamin to blow at Figuresque? Enter below.

Jessica Kane

Winner will be announced on Friday Sept. 3rd on my facebook fanpage -

dash of sequins and a pinch of patent leather = glam

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My favorite colors? Black, white and red. I admit I have a pretty monochromatic wardrobe, but I do love pops of color here and there.

My friend Mandy and I were headed to a mom's group and I absolutely consider this mom attire. *laughing* So, we snapped a few shots after our playdate and before heading to Five Guys for some burgers and fries...yes, I live such a glamorous life! :) Glam is what you make it and I add glam to everyday life. You don't need a red carpet and martini to feel like a supah stahh. :) You just need a dash of sequins and a pinch of patent leather!

Jessica Kane

I was loving this outfit. So comfy and cute all in one.
My favorite sunglasses. A bargain find at Sears for $12.99.
A natural hair and makeup day. It was so hot didn't want my face to melt off!
My favorite capris from Lane Bryant.
My favorite capris from Lane Bryant.
Necklace from and top from
Sexy Bitches. Gifted from Torrid and beautiful from every angle. sigh.
My great friend and photographer for the day - Mandy of

flashback | my wedding 7-7-07

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I received a comment on my facebook fanpage and was inspired to do a flashback on my wedding dress. She was searching for the perfect cute white dress for her vow renewal ceremony and I went on a super internet search to find her the perfect one! All the while I was thinking, MY dress was the perfect one. It was a Curvy Girl classic Marilyn Monroe Dress, and I so wish they still had it! I have it in white and blue (as seen in my blog header and this one shot by Adrian Adel).

I got married the year that Skorch had launched and was a fashion insider. At the time, Curvy Girl Clothing was everywhere and they were the spot for super cute dresses. My hubby and I are non-fussy island loving chaps (sorry BBC is on) and we decided on a tropical wedding at the Little Island Chapel at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. And, to make the day completely easy to remember, we decided on the date 7-7-07 like the other 100,000 newlyweds. And, it was a SATURDAY. I am still completely amazed we even got a booking for the wedding.

But the ultimate part of my wedding, which will live on in stories forever is the tale of getting the SKYloft upgrade at the MGM for our reception/honeymoon. Being the thrify gal that I am, I was NOT about to spend anymore than $500 or so on the reception spot. It was the hottest day of the year to get married and reception space was going for the price of a luxury SUV. So, I opted for a moderate "JR Suite" at MGM for our family to come and eat cake and drink champagne.

When I went to check in to our mini-suite, the lady at the front desk acted as if something was wrong. After seeing the look on her confused face and the minutes ticking by, I put on my "I'm ready for a fight" pants and was fully prepared to make a scene if necessary to get my honeymoon suite.

After what seemed like 800 hours (about 20 minutes in reality), the lady emerged from a backroom and happily announced we had been upgraded to a Skyloft suite. I was like, um how does that happen? She said, you were picked. HM? ok...I can handle that! Funny how that news made me put on my "let's party" pants! :) She said the butler and VIP hostess would be to our room to transfer our belongings and escort us to our suite.

After a trip up the hidden elevator with secret keys and cameras (so james bond!). We emerged to the most beautiful sight ever...THE SKYLOFT. (Do I sound like a bum-kin yet? Yes, I am.) This suite was straight up DIDDY style. Gorgeous. A dream. I had hit the damned lottery for my wedding. It was genius & seriously awesome. To this day we think it was a supernatural present from my husband's recently deceased mom. The best wedding present ever.

We love you mom.

So, this is the tale of my wedding. Hope you enjoyed. And, see the rest of my wedding photos here.



Guest Post | Recap of Rock the Runways

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So, it's no secret this blog is not a writing blog, but a pretty pictures blog. And, the night of rock the runways was so epic I couldn't begin to wrap my head around the debachery that needed to tell it's story. Thank GOD I have a great friend who is a writer and blogger who was there to recap the night in all it's glory. Here is the story of the Rock the Runways adventure....and to read the pre-stories leading up this HAVE to read her blog. XOXO Jessica

by Mandy Allen of

And Finally There Was Dancing!

So, when we last left our heroine she had survived her close call encounter with evil hair products and was on her way to the hotel with her loyal best friend, a fistful of Chicken McNuggets and a smile on her face.

We checked into the hotel, and I swear for the first 5 minutes we said nothing at all. We just sat in blissful calm silence, on the beautifully crisp beds, in the serene and uncluttered hotel room. Nothing was sticky. No one was whining, or asking when dinner would be ready, or commenting on the household chores that the royal “we” needed to complete… everything was just calm and beautiful.

Well, all except for the giant pile of crap sitting in the corner. Honey, what can I say? Moms come prepared! Try looking in a diaper bag sometime. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you found rations and a gas mask inside. You know, just incase World War III kicks off while you’re at a playdate.

What? It could happen.

Here is a picture of my suitcase. During our escape from Jessica’s we shoved EVERYTHING into it. As you can see among the party essentials such as adult beverages and the perfect shade of pink nail polish, we still had not entirely kicked our hair dye habit. Yes, that is a box of L’Oreal Excellence 4AR dark brown. I guess we brought it in case we were jonesing for a fix later on. You’ll be happy to know, however, that Jessica and I have since joined a 12 step program, and are on our way to kicking our home dye habit for good.

After basking in the silence, it was time to get down to business. First nail

Awwww, too cute, right?

Then the real nitty gritty, hair and make up. At this point the other members of our crew had arrived and we had a full on salon setup. All that was missing was a stack of trashy magazines. There was also enough make up for an army of drag queens. Being extremely organized and on the ball kind of gals we kept everyone’s make up and brushes completely organized.

Pretty impressive, huh? Maybe this is why I can’t convince an employer that I am an organizing savant?

And of course we remembered to stay hydrated. Beauty transformations are REALLY hard work! We wouldn’t want to get dehydrated and ruin the whole night!

Skip past the drive in the blazing heat, where we sweated off almost all of our beautifully applied makeup, because we couldn’t put the windows down (Heat stroke or a destroyed perfectly coiffed do? No brainer, right?) and finally we arrived and couldn’t wait for the free drinks, free food, air conditioning and fun, fun, fun.


The air conditioning must have been on the fritz. It was hot! Our hair was sticking to our necks and threatening to burst into frizz and curl any second. Strike One.

The free food consisted of salad and cookies. I guess that’s how models stay so thin. Strike Two.

Standing around for an hour and a half in shoes that were really only meant for about 20 seconds, waiting for the show to start which we were supposed to have front row seats for (except they were filled with the butts of other people). Strike Three… we were outta there!

The upside? There WERE free drinks! Well, two per person, anyway. Hello Mr. Pinot Noir!!

After the disappointing offering of sustenance, we needed food, stat, and we also wanted to get our groove on. So, Stop #2, “Crush”. Bar, restaurant, and Saturday night hotspot.

Except, as our luck was holding strong, on this particular night, this spot was definitely missing the “hot”. We got a prime spot to sit, the food and drinks were GREAT, but sadly they were having some serious malfunctions with their tunes. The music was HORRIBLE!! And dammit, we needed to dance! But at least we got some drinks…

YUM! Thank goodness for designated drivers!

So, onward and upward to Stop #3. The E Room, is a lesbian dive bar located on the east side of town. One look at this place and most people would run the other way. It is definitely on the rough side, but the music and lack of sleazy lounge lizards more then makes up for the grungy d├ęcor.

And so finally we danced, grooved, bopped, popped, got down, jived, head banged and any other dancey type noun you can think of. Here, I am rockin out.

At 2:30 am, the DJ put it on autopilot and it was time to head home. With sad faces we arrived back at the hotel, but they didn’t stay sad for long! Oh how crazy and hilarious EVERYTHING becomes when you’ve indulged in a few! I wish I had been more sauced. Jessica and my fellow sleepover girls were laughing so hard and so long about nothing in particular, that all Jessica could repeat over and over again was, “OMG, my sides hurt! My sides hurt!” *Sigh*, good times.

And, what was I doing during this over the top hilarity besides thinking “Am I this crazy when I’m drunk”?

Recording all the memories to relay back to you, of course.

Bringing you all along in spirit,


no airbrushing required

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No airbrushing required.
Because I love my body. 100% natural. No fillers, slimmers, shapers or spanx -ers. :)

"Oh no she didn't! Did she just say she loves her over 300lb, size 26/28 body?!" Yes, I did. And I am on a mission to inspire every woman reading this to embrace their bodies too!

Maybe it was turning 30. Maybe it was giving birth to a child. Maybe it was starting SKORCH Magazine and joining the body loving movement, but whatever it was, I can honestly say I love every inch. My husband thinks I'm perfect. My son thinks I'm perfect, and those are the only opinions I care about.

The decision to post pictures of myself in a bathing suit WITHOUT airbrushing was a very easy one. In fact, even as a magazine publisher and photographer, I NEVER allow body airbrushing because I feel it's important to show a real person. Part of the reason women are so hard on themselves is because every image we see in media is perfect, 100%. You need to know these images are not real, they are art.  While I love and appreciate art, I am not a statue or painting, I am of flesh and blood.

I want you to be empowered by your REAL body and be the best version of YOU! I know I'm not fit, and yes I need to get more healthy, but I will NOT spend my life hating my body and punishing myself for not looking like a magazine cover!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) wfew. That felt good.

So embrace it, love it, you only have one. Your body is perfect.

jessica kane

Outfit Deets: Both suits gifted by! Here's my NON-compensated real review: I have to say that both of these suits were well built and comfortable. I always have trouble with the leg holes since I have large thighs, but these suits were cut beautifully for me. I love both and I NEVER would have gone for the skirt suit before, but I have to admit, it was so comfortable I wanted to wear it around the house all day long!! LOL

Longitude Bella Plus Size Empire Plunge One Piece SwimsuitBeach Belle Domino Plus Size Empire Swimdress Swimsuit

Our Price: $68.00

representing at rock the runways

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What a whirlwind weekend I had!! Must have been good if I'm just now getting to posting the review blog on WEDNESDAY! My girls and I attended Rock the Runways, an annual rock and roll fashion show in Portland, OR. It was a great night of fun, even if everything didn't go according to plan, but truly ended on a fantastic note! And of course I wore my fun Sealed with a Kiss Designs convertible dress! :)

If you have been following me on my facebook fan page you'll already know that I went blond for the weekend. Yes, only the weekend. What a traumatic experience it was!!! So traumatic, I instantly dyed it back to my staple 4AR brown by Sunday. I really need to just invest in some wigs when I get the urge to go platinum for the night :). *sorry hair*

In my group of gals, I'm definitely NOT the only one with this post is dedicated to everyone's fashion that night!

I wore my fun Anastasia convertible dress from (full deets at end of post).  Here's my girl Alexis! Loved the color of her dress!

Meet Trish, a hair and makeup stylist extraordinairre! And, Jessica Hektor - she's my Jsquared. I LOVED her dress and accessories!

My best gal Mandy Allen - read her blog at And past Skorch Cover model Sara! Both girls are sporting Curvy Girl Clothing!

Here's past Skorch Covergirl Jenny Miller (left) and one of my favorite gals Emily! And, Latasha Haskins was a celeb guest at RTR! She's a former Skorch cover girl and now Miss Plus America!! Skorch knows how to pick 'em! :)

We come prepared. At the hotel getting the salon going! And, I was a sponsor of Rock the Runways - baby!

After the show, we had to stop to drink some lemon drops!!!!! mmmmmm. delish. And, some of my favorite girls in the elevator - Emily (left), Trish and me.

There are a TON more pictures on my facebook page at! So go comment and join my full body photo project by uploading YOUR full body shot to the wall of my fanpage at!


Outfit Deets:
Dress - gifted from size 4x
Necklace - HSN (hubby bought for my birthday - he has great style)
Shoes - Payless size 11W - of course!
Clutch - Payless