When Catherines Denim Knocked My Socks Off

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Remember way back when, when just the mentioning of the store Catherines made you cringe a bit when thinking of a place to score some great fashion? I mean, it is the sister company to Lane Bryant but women my age would never give it a chance. I would find little gems here and there but never was I able to find denim I really liked.

Then, the team at Catherines asked me if I would try out their new denim and give them a second chance. As always, I will never turn down a company who wants to continue working to be better! So, I said let's try those Girlfriend Jeans! And are you ready for it? I LOVE THEM! I couldn't believe what they had for a selection and I tell you what, I'm most definitely loving their #denimdebut. Now THAT'S what we've been asking for!

Thank you Catherines! Go check them out and let me know what you think of their new denim debut.

xo Jessica

Wearing the Catherines Girlfriend Jean in size 26. They have a bit of stretch but held their shape all day! Available in sizes 16 to 26 with petite available. LINK

Wearing size 26 LINK

#proudlysponsored #allopinionsarebrutallyhonestasusual

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