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Sunday, April 02, 2017

I bet you have heard of the clothing rental service for plus size ladies called Gwynnie Bee. Being someone who goes through a LOT of clothes, it seemed like the perfect answer to my prayers...but I never just signed up and tried it - in fact I waited over a year. So, I reached out to the team at GB to give it a go and report back to you my experience! I've been dying to tell you about them and have been so darn busy - but this is perfect timing for the holidays for you!

Two HUGE things that sold me instantly....

1. When you get a say 3 item a month plan - that does NOT mean you only get 3 total items for the month. It means you can only have 3 at ONE TIME. So you could actually wear, rent and return 5 times that! Honestly, you could get the 3 item month plan and wear new clothes almost every day of the month! So - after that clicked - honestly was SOLD.

2. The member reviews are amazing! These women really believe sharing is caring and thank goodness because it makes it so much easier to rent items that will fit you right.

When I went shopping to curate my closet - I had a bit of a hard time being that I'm a size 26/28. I am on the 3 item plan and need at minimum 15 things in my closet so that way when I return something - they have another item they can send right away. So, the bigger your closet, the faster you will receive replacements! 

I was glad to see however the huge selection of premium brands like Anna Scholz, MYNT1792, IGIGI and more. I went straight for the good stuff and was not disappointed.

above: IGIGI Ambrosia Dress in Noir Estate

Wearing Size 26/28 - Fits true to size.

above: Wearing the Anna Scholz Scotty Dog Tunic

Size 26/28

The 100% real verdict? WOW. Freaking wow and where has Gwynnie Bee been my whole life. For such a small amount I can literally have an unlimited closet and NEVER DO LAUNDRY agaaaiiinnn. 

Want to know the best part? The cost for these pieces if I wanted to just keep them is literally like 1/4 the retail price you guys!!!!!! seriously. 

You can snag your free trial by clicking here. Go get those holiday outfits!

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