Q: Best Fitting Plus Size Denim?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I KNOW I'm not the only girl out there yelling at my jeans every time they sag off my booty (eehhh hum Mandy! SO called her out). LOL Honestly, why is it so hard? Now, I do have 1 pair that defies all odds, my Source of Wisdom from Torrid (I'm wearing in picture below), however my friend just bought herself a pair - and hers fall down all the time?? Maybe I got a good batch? I think I now understand why some denim is pretty spendy....maybe it's because it actually stays on your ass?! *sorry for my profanity* But, only sagging jeans can get me so steamed.

This seems to be quite the topic of debate, so Skorch Mag launched a poll to get your honest feedback. Really. Have you found the holy grail of plus denim?? I know I want to know!

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