should big chested girls wear scarves? I say YES!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I am definitely obsessed with scarves. I started out by getting every basic color, of course Target is my go-to with the great prices and quality. Then, I ventured out of my monochromatic box and started to get prints and stripes. And, then, Christmas happened and my MOST amazing work secret santa I have EVER had gifted me my new favorite obsession in a beautiful Nordstrom box, the black foil scarf.

Although, this scarf obsession is a catch 22 when you have a large chest like I do, the scarf doesn't lay flat, like my smaller chested beauties, so you constantly grapple with do I look way bigger? Does it look okay? Should I not wrap around my neck, and just let hang down? But everyone else wears it wrapped around the neck....Maybe the chest looking bigger isn't so bad? LOL...geez. I've been so round and round that finally I have decided, I don't give a shit. *oops! sorry!* But, it's so true. I'm so OVER over-anaylizing how something makes me look one way or another. So, my precious scarves and I will be together forrreevverrrrrr.

Do you share the same struggle??


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