[news alert] watch skorch's very own marcy on VH1

Monday, January 10, 2011

FEATURED Plus Size Fashion News: Watch SKORCH’s Very Own Marcy on VH1!

Hey girls, not only is Marcy the editor-at-large for SKORCH (the e-mag that I own and publish at http://www.skorchmag.com/), but she is also a loving and fashionable spoiled brat in your favorite guilty pleasure show - VH1 You're Cut Off.

Here's what Marcy says: "Ya gotta love reality TV, I thought I was going to be “America’s Next It Girl” and then… I was TOLD. So watch as I get cut off from family, finances and the comforts of my life. I will be the resident “Plus Sized Princess” living, cleaning, working, and cooking in a house with SEVEN other spoiled brats! Now, as anyone who lives in America knows, we are ALL a bit spoiled. So think what you WILL, but tune in!!! “You’re Cut Off” premieres, tonight, Monday, January 10th on VH1. xoxo, Marcy
I've actually never watched, but the previews look crazy. I know Marcy will make us proud.


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