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Monday, January 03, 2011

Love it or hate it, your hair is your #1 accessory (well besides confidence)...
If you have hair that is hard to manage, thick and curly, etc etc...i feel ya girl! I do as well.
I have thick curly, frizzy, not cute unless I torture it hair, and I get asked a lot, how do I do my hair, so I setup the camera and remote and walah, we have a picture hair montage! :)

Now, before you reach for the lotions, potions, serums and sprays, know that I have tried them ALL. And, my gospel of hair therapy is very simple: shampoo, light conditioner, light hairspray after styled and that's it. The more junk you put in your hair, the more flat it will be....at least for me. And, don't be afraid to beat your hair to death for 410 degrees of heat! :)




How I did it....
1. Wash hair, light towel dry, and then some air dry.
2. Blow dry completely dry.
3. Blow dry bangs forward - especially to control cowlicks.
4. Straigten hair from bottom to top - use a hair clip to hold up hair.
5. For thick curly hair, you'll need a flat iron that goes to at least 410 degrees.
6. Straigten bangs...fluff hair.
7. Trim bangs if needed.
8. Tease back crown of hair, then sides
9. Using brush, lightly brush over tease to smooth out.
10. Pull up hair to pin, secure with bobby pins. 2 per side.
11. Spray a finishing spray over entire hair. Smooth using hands over head to lightly smooth fly-a-ways.

What you'll need:
Flat Iron - I use a SEDU $120
Finishing Spray - I use Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray
Round Brush
Fine Tooth Comb
Hair cutting scissors
Bobby Pins
Hair Clip.

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  1. You look adorable =] This hair style suites you well

  2. This is such a great post! For all us visual learners, it's always so much easier to the step by step process of how to get something done. Your picture tutorial certainly accomplished that! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fun tutorial, and such a fun way to present the information. It makes me want to actually 'do' my hair!

  4. Love the play-by-play . . . even with all the duckfaces, lol!!!

    I love the way you pull it back, I think I will try that out. My hair is very thin so I might need my Bumpit!

  5. @Thicker Than Your Average Girl - thank you love!!!

    @bella - awesome! so glad you like. I am visual as well, and hate tutorials w/out pics...i'm left with a questionmark above my head.

    @vanessa - thank you!! i know right? I never do my hair as much as i should, it got ME inspired too.

    @mama2reese - awesome! had to keep it real *wink*. You should show me how your's comes out!

  6. You are legitimately one of the prettiest women I know. STUNNING GIRL. I wish I could blog as much, but I've been so busy with college applications.

    I promise a big post soon!

  7. Wow. You are truly devoted to doing your hair! I could not spend that much time on my hair in the morning.

    What do you suggest for a gal who has fine, semi-wavy hair who just likes to blow dry it in the morning? I don't like to fry my hair with an iron (straightening or curling); nor do I have the dexterity to use them. And I don't like spending more than 10 minutes on my hair in the morning, if that.

  8. Hi Beautiful! You are georgeous, full stop! Will be rocking this look now that my hair is short :)

    How are things with you? I miss being a part of the Skorch-team, still dream big for Skorch ;)

    As for the reply feature, I gave up on blogger and installed Intense Debate. Very simple to install, and it has a great feature that allows you to only install it on new post, keeping your old comments intact on previous posts when you install it as a wigdet. www.intensedebate.com

    xxx Anika


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