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Monday, January 24, 2011

Work has been busy busy! And, I wouldn't have it any other way, unfortunately that means probably 200 facebook emails I need to reply to and comments to thank for, so if you are one of people waiting for a reply from yours truly, please know I'm working on it!

So, what kind of work do I do that keeps me so busy? Well, I get to organize and host awesome fun events like Sassy Sunday at Aloft. As the Marketing Manager, it's my job to create the event, get people involved, make everyone super happy and get a LOT of people in the door.

Thankfully, some of the most beautiful faces that come in the door are my closest friends and supporters, way back from my Skorch days! I really have the best friends ever, and seriously stylin' too! They definitely put me to shame, since that day I was organizing two huge events for work and this was the last event of the day, my hair was a MESS and my "over thing" wasn't working, I wasn't happy, but it could have been worse, right? *laughing*

Jessica Kane 

Group pose! From left: Brittany "The Stiletto Snob", Mandy of "Mandyland", Colleen the "badass makeup artist", Trish the also very badass makeup and hair artist and best twitter timeline ever, and me the hostess with the mostess. LOL

me. not my best look for hair and makuep - but meh - could have been worse - busy day!! had two huge events for work and this was the last one...and totally forgot my powder! :(

spotting some beautiful people! Kena is DIVINE, love her! I've known her since the launch of Skorch in 2006.

and Dominique, Kena's BFF, this girl is freaking FLY! and has my favorite blazer from Torrid! You'll be seeing it soon....

My outfit deets:
Top - Sequin Tank from Lane Bryant
Pants - Old Navy Black Jeggings from Women's Online - Size 24 (nice and TIGHT~!)
Shoes - Boots from Avenue
Belt - Torrid - it came on a dress, so can't buy it seperately.
Cardigan - Mossimo at Target

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