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Friday, November 12, 2010


Big girls need to work out! I am NOT one of those women who believe that my size 26/28 is healthy, nor do I believe I'm a lost cause and shouldn't at least keep trying to be the best version of myself. Not someone else - but myself.

I can understand why a woman would want another's body, features, hair color or money, but I honestly believe the path to true happiness (inside and out) is through focusing that energy on yourself. 

Instead of spending twenty minutes to flip through a magazine or watch a show that is meant to make me feel worse about myself, I am promising to use that time to better myself. First category? Excercise (part 1).

Starting this new excercise journey was frustrating at first, having NO workout wear. Thankfully the wonderful people at Always For Me have helped me out with some activewear and I tell you what, I had no idea how much WHAT you wear when you work out effects on how you FEEL when you work out.

I felt like a charlies angel! *boom-pow*

Let me know your questions if you're looking for some good feeling and looking activewear, I'll give you my honest opinion. 

jessica kane

Outfit Deets: Clothing provided by
Women's Plus Size Activewear - Always For Me Eco-Friendly Active Bindu Tank - Style#DV529X - Sizes XL-4X - JUST ARRIVEDWomen's Plus Size Activewear - Always For Me Eco-Friendly Active Bindu Tank - Style#DV529X - Sizes XL-4X - JUST ARRIVED Price: $39.00

Women's Plus Size Activewear - Always For Me Active Eco-Friendly Loose Capri Pant - Style#AV031X - Sizes XL - 3X - JUST ARRIVED
Women's Plus Size Activewear - Always For Me Active Eco-Friendly Loose Capri Pant - Style#AV031X - Sizes XL - 3X - JUST ARRIVED Price: $42.00

PLUS! you get a free gift with purchase at! I recommend these for part 1:
Women's Plus Size Active Wear - FREE Danskin Activewear Tote Bag with any $50 Danskin purchase - Style #1145FREE Gift w/ $200 Purchase<br>Always For Me Tote Bag - Style#100160 - Plus Size Swimwear, Work Out Clothing and Lingerie 

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  1. Danskin sells at Walmart. Got a pair of the pants for $14.99. Loved them and got another pair. They also had shirts for $10 I think.

  2. I've just started working out, and you know what, I actually enjoy it! I'm a size 24-28, and I'm not saying I want to be "skinny", I just want to be healthy! It would be nice to not be out of breath easily, and not to sweat everytime I move around etc. So I say good on you girlfriend! Do what is going to benefit you! Maybe we can swap work out tips :)


  3. I so want to get a Wii and try all there work out videos.. But till them 24 hour fitness is my home I don't go as much as I should but i go lol and cute work out stuff lot better than mine that's the only thing am not to fashionable about is my work out gear its usually sweats or yoga paints and a tee shirt

  4. Yay Jessica! Go get it girl :) Big Girls Work Out Too!
    ~ Andrea ~

  5. Thanks for the motivation!
    My biggest issue is finding a sports bra or at least a comfortable bra to wear while working out! Falling out the top, or having an under-wire poke my side isn't fun! Those Enell sports bras look pretty neat! But pretty pricey! Any tips on affordable AND comfortable bras to work out in?

  6. Well said!

    I'm with dani, i've yet to find the perfect sports bra. It's probably one of the main reason I swim for exercise. If you find one let us know.

  7. Go get em! I'm trying to renew my exercise committment. It slipped a lot this fall after a really solid winter, spring and summer. Here's to health! (And looking good while working out!)

  8. I have found buying the "tummy control" tank tops that have the cup areas and are made of the thick spandexy material work great for a pseudo sports bra! I wear a regular wire free soft cup bra, and then the fitted "control" top tank top (in black) and I feel sexy and my chest bounces hardly at all! And I am a 38J!

  9. i agree girl! wat work-out video r u watching?

  10. I love your workout outfit! I found that I enjoy working out more when I feel good in what I'm wearing. I found some great stuff at Target. Champion has a cheaper line there, with a fairly wide range of sizes. You should check it out!


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