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Sunday, November 28, 2010

There's nothing better than throwing a 30th Birthday Party for one of your best friends. This one was particularly fun since the entire journey was a surprise to her! PLUS! I was asked to be Mandy's stylist as well, makeup/hair/clothes etc. MY DREAM. I love this stuff. Of course I squealed and said Yes like a millionaire was asking to marry me.

After one of the most complicated shopping trips ever, and around 6 stores later, we finally had the perfect outfit picked out. Mandy is an enviable size 12/14, and was EASY to dress.  See below for her final outfit details.

Starting the night off with a surprise pedi/mani trip.

Since it was a surprise, poor Mandy's toes were left in the cold on the walk back to the hotel. What better than some ice cream in 30 degree weather?  We actually were just bribing the B&J guy to let us use the phone.

Then, my job began! I got the funniest 30th birthday kit - thus the super cool glasses and hat and jazz.

Before                                                                              After

LOVE it! Her only request was - "not expected" - would someone expect me to wear this? well...this is NOT expected for Mandy Allen! :)

Birthday Outfit Deets:
Tank - Old Navy, Jacket - Charlotte Russe, Tights - Macy's, Shoes - Ross, Accessories - Charlotte Russe

Looking much better for the night ahead. I got ready in about 15 minutes flat! I wore my trusty
BEST Little Black Dress Ever - from

Some inside joke. Her face....then my face... LOL

These glasses rocked! the accessory of the night.

seriously too much fun. SUCCESS. cheers to 31 soon kids.
jessica kane

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  1. Your friend is so lucky to have you! I wish I lived closer still and could pay you to be my stylist for a night. You both look amazing!

  2. Looks like it was a fun and fabulous night! You both looked amazing! I agree with April ^^^ - I would love to have you as a stylist!


  3. both of you looked great! the make-up looks flawless ... do mine! ;-)

  4. You do good work, this looks like it was a ton of fun to put together. That outfit rocks!
    Are you gonna do this for all of us on our birthdays? ;)

  5. you both look stunning and looks like you had a blast =]

  6. Looks like you did an amazing job getting her look together too cute!


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