Mom's CAN wear hot pink :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love hot pink, and just because you're not 25 anymore, you CAN embrace your pink. I was doing a photoshoot for my company profile and needed some professional shots, so I called up my friend Bunn Salarazon, an amazing lifestyle photog, for some help. I didn't want to wear black as usual, so after some online searching - I found a fantastic dress at Curvaceous Boutique. I definitely had to embrace my Spanx to make this dress work on my body, but I loved the color! What do you think?

(c) Bunn Salarzon Hair/Mua by Me :)

Outfit Deets:
Buy this dress in 3 different colors at
Raquel Dress
Size 14/16 to 26/28 in stock!

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  1. I like the deeper pinks like you are wearing here.

  2. Love the dress. Color looks great on you.
    Congrats on your new blog as well!

  3. I LOVE It! You look gorgeous! I am also embracing my hot pink phase, which started last summer. ;) Who knew it would be harder for me to embrace pink and hot pink than red? :)

    LOVE this photo of you!

  4. you are one hot tamale! love it on you! and I also love the name of your blog:)
    xxx Anika

  5. @moe Thanks! This really was the perfect pink.

  6. @cid - thank you love! back at ya!

    @carrie - thanks so much, you're too sweet. i want to see YOUR hot pink!

    @anika - lol - you're cracking me up. thank you so much, but seriously, this was after hair & makeup and super tight Spanx!! haha I'll put you on my link love - hopefully you add me to yours!


  7. I'm a few years away from 30 but I love this dress. It's super cute. I was looking at it for a few weeks now but thought it looked small and wouldn't fit the girls. It's so different seeing it on a real woman than on that mannequin. I may just get it

  8. @janeen- you should! the girls fit great, my problem was my belly. after kyle (c-section) and gaining and losing, HATE my belly.

  9. hahah, I love your sense of humour too! :D I will now create a blogroll in your honour! :) Thanks for putting me on yours! Had a very funny moment today when I suddenly realized that my skirt had gotten stuck between my legs walking downtown, and upon realizing that I was basically putting it all out there I decided to just work them thighs- seeing as how I`m a thirty something with curves :) It was a fleeting moment though, and I soon had control over my skirt again, but the bounce in my step stayed with me hahahhaha. oh dear.

    I tried homemade spanx once, but couldn`t breathe or eat or any of those fun things, all I could do was use my midriff as a shelf, but you know, I have fab bags for that. hahah.

    on the the blogroll! xxx Anika

  10. .. it`s up! ;) Have a good weekend! xx Anika

  11. anika! oh no- homemade spanx!! *rofl* now I want a picture of THAT!! hahaha thank you for the love

  12. That is an awesome dress, the cut of it is so unique and pretty!

  13. Love the dress and you look fabulous! :)

  14. The colour suits you and I love the fitting at the top but personally I think it's a bit too fitted for my tastes from the waist down. However if this was a two part outfit i would definitely buy the top part. I mean no offence of course. I am the same shape as you =).

    Been following your blog for a while. As one of those all-black wearing fat girls I tend to be afraid of colour but you have inspired me and shown me that I can wear colour and look great and classy =). So thanks....u r an inspiration



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