Curvy doesn't have to mean FAT

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seriously. Curvy doesn't mean nor does it have to mean fat. While the term plus size is extremely vague in my opinion, I choose to embrace the curves of my womanly body, but refuse to be in denial about being overweight. There comes a point when curvy turns to fat, and it's time to get back into shape. As a size 26/28, I am not embarrassed or hate myself/body, in fact I'm quite confident since I know my personality is my number 1 accessory...but I live life with the mentality of living life to the fullest - and for me that means being more physically fit so I can enjoy hikes and biking! Funny, the word curvy...I thought long and hard on my blog's title, and while I am curvy, I do not wish to be fat my entire life.

So, when the time came to spearhead some weightloss, there were two things I needed to do:
1) get some workout clothes! I decided to hit up my fav online places for activewear, old navy and always for me (yes they have activewear too!).
2) sign up for a gym - 24hr fitness had a great deal - so I signed up for the personal trainer too.

Then, it was time to hit the gym!
And, I say often, don't take yourself seriously! So, to prove I follow my own advice, here's a few shots of me trying to be cool in my activewear. *laughing* Seriously in my head I was FIERCE! :)

Why I love the pants: As a "curvy" girl, I need a little extra support, if you know what I mean -and these pants from Always for Me are absolutely AWESOME! Honestly, once I put them on - I'm ready to shake and bake! :)

Outfit Deets:

Women's Plus Size Workout - 9502 Yoga/Bootleg Pant - Black & Navy - Sizes 1X-6X

More Colors
Our Price: $44.00

Top from Old Navy Plus- Online
Women's Plus Lace-Trim Camis Regular Price $10.00-$12.50

And! Do your feet go numb when on the treadmill or machines?
Mine do, and I asked my trainer today what to do...he said get Diabetic Socks. Guess they reduce the pressure on your ankle and allow better circulation! Genius! So, here are some diabetic socks via Google....

Shopping results for diabetic socks women

What do you think? Does curvy mean fat?

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  1. ^5 Jessica!

    I think that for a lot of women, they use the term curvy interchangably with the word fat. But they are two different things. I personally want to be curvy and healthy, and no longer want to be fat.

    I look forward to following your journey! :o)

  2. Thank you so much miss aja! I definitely agree and glad I'm not alone! :) Here's to trying to be a healthy curvy 30something!

  3. Good post Jessica and you did look fierce in teh photos. I know this journey all too well and I try to mantain balance in my life. Nothing is wrong with trying to be the best you that you can be and if anyone can do it, you can. I don''t know you personally but from your work I have seen that you're awesome and a good example for women, skinny , curvy or fat. I've been going it alone and mainly doing yoga via online classes. I wish you the best in your journey and it's motivating me to stay on mine.

  4. Janeen, oh my gosh i heart you. Thank you so much for the kind words, truly humbled, and I hope to inspire some women to believe in themselves. I wish you luck on your journey as well and hope to hear from you more.

  5. AMEN and AMEN to this post! u do look FIERCE in ure workout clothes! love it darlin and best wishes on ure weight loss!

  6. i have all the faith in people who not only want to change, but are doing something about it!
    i am a curvy 30-something woman and have never worried about weight until i had my son. i want to be able to run with his children{live to see them}.
    i am in no way obese, but know that i could stand to lose a few lb's, do some major excersising, and definately change some bad habits!
    thank you for giving the rest of us some of your strength and courage to do and be open to the change!
    good luck and i will be back often;}

  7. @ bbm - thank you so much for the amen's!! and why thank you for the comment, i was channeling my inner tyra banks...ummmm...think i need more practice :)

    @ chacoy - girl, thank you so much, you've come to the right place. I'm gonna keep it real and love ladies who can appreciate that. looking forward to seeing you again! :)

  8. I LOVE this post!! I love your blog. I love this fresh perception that is coming from you! Fashion, Life through the eyes of Jessica Kane. Brilliant! Keep up the great work, I'm INSPIRED!!! :D

  9. Thanks so much Carrie! I have to admit, it's so refreshing to be able to just speak my opinion, definitely rewarding. Thank you again so much!

  10. lol, you do look fierce! Love it.

  11. thanks "the pale and pallor princess" lol - meow!
    ps - you're on my blogroll, hope I earn a spot on yours ;)

  12. Congrats on your new blog and new fitness routine! I am really excited to keep reading.

  13. Hi La Grande Dame! Thank you :) Glad you like!!! Share with your friends, I don't mind ;)

  14. I agree with, all sizes of women are beautiful. I happen to be on the curvy side...size 10/12/14 (Plus size). I think that people have this perception that if you're a fatshion blogger then that means you hate curvy women and don't want to lose weight.


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