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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hi hi fam! After an epic week-long road trip to move our family from Washington state to Florida, I am finally getting a bit caught up and settled in. Our new place is a blessing from the angels, the sun is beaming down on me and I'm smiling the entire way because this marks a new chapter in my journey. You can read the back story here as to why I'm in Florida.

As body confidence crusader, fashion lover, plus size woman, veteran business woman and a fully realized feminist it's only natural that my frustrations with the plus size retail industry have lead me to a place of being able to do something about it. The crazy thing is, I had moved to Portland Oregon 11 years ago to do just that - disrupt the fashion industry, but little did I know that my path would take me to the same destination via a different (and exciting) route.

I have been granted the opportunity to completely lead the product and marketing for a new retail company that is willing to take that chance, willing to show courage and give the consumers what they are asking for and build a meaningful relationship that goes beyond selling a shirt. I can't even impress how huge this is because I have a team of very powerful business partners who are saying, hey Jess, yes - we'll back you up with our money, we believe you and are willing to take the risk for you to create the first truly body diverse fashion company out there. One that doesn't just want the money of the fat girl, but will show them too (oh hey, yah, that's me).

Endless gratitude goes to our investors who have already committed hundreds of thousands of dollars and my business partners who are the smartest people I know when it comes to business and finance. Somehow, someway they trust the vision and I'm so excited to show them how the curvy community rolls with one of their own. The love is real and I can't thank you enough for the years of support. Know that I'm working hard to bring you and us something that is needed and wanted, something that the corporate peeps don't seem to understand quite yet, but something we can make happen by ourselves.

I want to introduce you to the newly revamped brand that I am so so very proud to be the new Creative Director for, Cool Gal Blue. Funny thing is I struggled with that damn name for so long, and now it's growing on me?!! LOL So let me know what you think. This company is your company and we are doing things differently. When I first met Cool Gal and it's CEO Michelle Crawford, I fell in love with the mission and passion but instantly felt that potential needed some serious help - and thanks to many calls, emails, flights and coffees - I'm now Michelle's partner in crime/fashion. I will bring you behind the scenes as we build a company that screams body love and curvy fashion all in one sentence.

Meet Liz a teacher from Tennessee and blogger of With Wonder and Whimsy. She curated her ultimate curvy wardrobe for Spring.

The first thing I added? Sizes on every image so you can truly see if that item would maybe fit the same on you.

Courage to do things different

We are about creating collections and conversations that empower plus size women to be confident in their skin, so here's our promise to you.
• We will not dictate what you should look like or wear and will lift up women of all styles, sizes, etc.
• We will never photoshop the skin or body of our models - you can count on 100% REAL.
• We will always show realistic and relateable women. Our collections are curated by the most progressive and empowering body positive bloggers in the world bringing you various styles for every occasion or day of the week, and every purchase benefits them.
Come inside the Cool Gal world on the sandy beaches of Florida as we build a company that disrupts the normal retail relationship...and say hi, we'll say hi back :).

Please check out the site and I look forward to collaborating and featuring more up and coming bloggers/stylists and just all around fab ladies who would love to take pictures in our clothes. If you're in the Orlando/Space Coast area - let me know! And yes, you KNOW I will be doing a collection too! :) #perks #ohyah! xx Jess

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