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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thank you Penningtons for letting me co-host their Canadian exclusive launch of the Melissa McCarthy line! I remember Melissa chatting about a line sometime ago and to be honest I just knew it would end up as an activewear line. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I wanted FASHION. 

Well, in no time - she delivered! Her newest line is quite versatile and since I got to try it on in person, I wanted to give you some detailed feedback. So, be sure to watch my video below and you will hear me talk about my outfit and why I love it so much. 

To some the price point will feel like sticker shock, and I get it I do - but, what you need to know is that the quality of these items (even without Melissa's name on it) is everything. If you need to buy in payments, check out HSN's offering of the MM line. Although, I will say that many outlets are carrying the line, what they carry seems to differ. Not sure if that is an exclusive thing or not, so I have the links for you here:

Kimono (was sold out at Penningtons) - I'm wearing the 3x and feel it was perfect. So don't worry about sizing up. Good thing about this gorgeous thing is that it's reversible with a black inner in case you want a chic black kimono. LOVED IT SOOO MUCHHHHHH

Pleated Back Top - I'm wearing the 3x and REALLY wish I could have had a 4x. So I would say that even though it's a flowy top, the arms/neck/length are not generous and to size up.

Burgundy Skinny Jeans (that are the butteryist thing I've ever felt!!!!) - I'm wearing the 26 and am a 26. I bought them off me actually, LOL and have worn them many times. They don't stretch all weird and are comfy all day, which is nearly impossible to find.

Selfie time with Dare Mag Canada 

Selfie with Assa Cisse of My Curves and Curls (middle) and Thera of Cloud 14+

(Left) Chante of Everything Curvy & Chic wearing top and pants from Melissa McCarthy line at Penningtons.

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