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Thursday, August 21, 2014

While I work extremely hard to keep all balls floating seemlessly in the air, you know with site tours (at Pioneer Square this day) and crazy work weeks for Portland Fashion Week, errands and favors for my husband, groceries and car washes, karate on Tues and Thurs for little man (this was a Tuesday), swimming on Monday, team meetings on Wed nights -- well, a midst all of this, I can say that dressing up nice CAN make my day go smoother. I feel more confident, I walk a bit taller and I face my problems a bit stronger. Not that gold plated shoes and Chanel inspired jackets will make all my problems and stress disappear, but it sure does help to look in the mirror and feel good. 

First up - site tour at the location for fall Portland Fashion Week... 

My crew :) 

Then - pick up the kiddo for karate practice... hiyah!

And since I always forget pictures, I take them at the end and my little man has discovered the calculator. LOL  That's a day in my life :)

Skirt Torrid | Top c/o Lane Bryant Lane Collection | Shoes c/o Torrid | Jacket Lane Bryant

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