Neutral Territory

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Been strangely attracted to more neutral pieces lately and for me, blue and grey is definitely neutral territory. I'm head to toe Lane Bryant after a recent haul that resulted in a hefty bill on my new flashy LB Platinum card which I really didn't need, so thank you LB for rewarding my bad habit. :|

These pants I just picked up while rushing through the store after I had to return the weekend jeans which had legs that were just way too wide. I've grown way too addicted to my skinny legs, so when I saw something about Genius Fit and Skinny - I snapped up the size 26 - rushed in the dressing room - they fit PERFECTLY and wore them the next day. My skepticism about their claim of "they will never stretch out" was put to rest after a FULL day of meetings and events. Couldn't believe it really. Now I need more colors. Asap.

Paired with a flowy blouse, which I own an abnormal amount of now and added some gold and wah-lah - I look casual chic. #boom

Can't believe I got these shoes for just SIX DOLLARS!!! Nothing feels good like a shoe score.

Link to pants: After putting on some weight, I'm bordering on 26/28, but the size 26 fits amazing with just right amount of room. So do NOT size up on these babies. I did do a little roll on the leg, but these are def ankle pants where they do not go all the way to bottom of shoe.

Link to top: I'm in size 26/28 and sized up so nice and flowy, but my big bum still made the back bunch around my behind a bit. But, so is life.

Love you guys and hope you have a great weekend!
love jess

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