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#HealthyCurves is not a weightloss journey - it's a health journey. While some do need to lose weight, myself included, the mindset I want to promote is a focus on one's health. I want to talk about what food we are really putting in our bodies, nutrition, exercises and challenges for the everyday woman. I want share what I learn and you share with me. Essentially, this is me being really selfish and needing some buddies to join me and keep me motivated as well :)

Share your story and tag #healthycurves on twitter and instagram. Share your story on my facebook wall where the conversation will always be positive and motivating. We are going to succeed and we are going to fail, and that's ok - it's a JOURNEY and it's one day at a time.

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Best Bras for Larger Breasts - Best Strapless / Best Sports / Best Sexy / Best Everday

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You ladies know I love to wear my strapless tops and the most popular question I get is.. "what kind of strapless bra do you wear?" And, honestly, I think the bra is the MOST important part of my outfit, it creates  the foundation - it's everything. The ladies MUST be right in order to feel my best. So that is a great question, and figured I could tell you what other bras I can't live without as well.

Over the years I've tried every type of bra and these four are my staples. Honestly, I don't bother trying other bras because these are the best. I usually have 4 t-shirt bras (nude, black, white, red), 2 strapless (nude, white), 1 sport bra and 1 sexy bra....yah, lingerie is low on the importance list for me :).

So, you asked and here you go - my top 4 best bras. I'm a 42DD - and have been up and down - so these picks are for the ladies in that range. Did yours make the list? 

The List

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Out and about with my best friend and we found a pretty fence and
thought we should take pictures with it.
This week has been full of unexpected lunch dates and laughs. Still trying to figure out my path and where to put my energy, thankful for a best friend and business partner that is the string to my balloon. Thinking a list might be the perfect remedy to my confusion - what do I want out of life?

After all ... you only live once.

What's on your list?
XO Jessica

Pictures taken by Mandy Allen

Top courtesy of Torrid

Readers' Choice Post coming up Monday - My top 5 bras for larger breasts! Join my fanpage to vote for what I will post next >>

Chic Boho Maxi

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I'm so sorry I've been off the grid lately. I've missed you all so much, but truth be told - the involuntary 2 week mind-cation was SO needed, more than I knew. On July 11 (my husbands birthday) I got the call that my grandfather had passed and this was an especially hard one for me since he was my father-figure growing up and the first time I had lost someone close to me. I spent two weeks with the family in Southern Oregon, didn't wear on bracelet or care about my shoes, and packed the basics that made me happy. And funny enough- this dress was one of my staples.

I didn't have the luxury of irons/hangers, just lived out of the suite case and the ease of this dress saved the day more than once - my SWAK Seville Cami did too! During a time of grieving - it was nice to pull out my bright cheerful colors and prints to put a smile on my face. It is true - when you look good you feel good.

Dress courtesy of Sealed With A Kiss Designs - link here.
Cardi courtesy of Eliza Parker 2011
Necklace courtesy of Torrid - link here.
Sunglasses & Clutch from Target

Project COLOR

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I so distinctly remember HATING print, color and really anything that in my mind wasn't "chic" or "classic"...funny how your taste changes through life. In fact, when I try to wear all black with pops of white/silver like I used to, I feel just uggghhh. It doesn't add a pep to my step anymore. I need energy, I need COLOR, I need my style to reflect how invigorated I feel. SWAK Designs offers just that. Color, easy style, comfortable....really that's all that matters to me anymore.

SWAK came out with this most amazing print - Seville - I admit I want everything in Seville right now. They have some dresses and this top (Seville Cami) in this print and I couldn't love it more. The perfect tank is great with a belt, I really don't like it without one....feels a bit billowy for me. I paired it with my white cropped denim capris and brown wedge sandals from Torrid. LOVE IT!

Top - Courtesy of SWAK Designs - Link Here
Denim - Courtesy of Torrid - Link Here
Wedges - Courtesy of Torrid - Link Here
Necklace - Courtesy of Torrid - Link Here


And speaking of "projects" - SWAK Designs and I have launched Round 2 of Project Plus! Congrats to Round 1 winner Kiah!! Read her story by clicking the image below.

Suffering from Wardrobe Hesitation and reluctant to buy clothes - either because of gaining or losing weight?

Tell your story to enter to win!