The Wonderful World of Jeggings

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm kinda really obsessed with really. Honestly, why would I EVER turn down comfort??!! Now if you're new to the world of Jeggings, here are some things you need to know....

  • There are different types of jeggings... DO NOT THINK THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.
  • There are two "levels" I prefer - the ones that look/feel like real denim but with stretch and the ones that are a KNIT (not denim).
  • Not all jeggings are created equal - some have pockets, some don't, some have zippers/buttons, some don't. I prefer the type that have zippers/buttons/pockets.
So it's obvious that when I saw SWAK Designs had come out with a new line of jeggings in EVERY color of the rainbow, I freaked out a little. Before going crazy and getting one of every color, decided to try them out (for you and for me!) and see how I like them. Annndddddddd, these are freaking great! GAH, so comfy. These are the knit kind, so they are a thick fabric that has lots of stretch but doesn't show every bump in your bum, you know what I'm talking about? And yes, I have plenty of the lumps and bumps :).

So loving how tight they are on the ankle (that's hard to find), nice and long (goes all the way to bottom of my foot) and love they have zipper/button/back pockets. I'm wearing the 4X here and I'm a size 24 on the bottom and I'm 5'8" to help with length. And, no, not wearing ANY shapewear! This is how they look on my real body - LOL.

Boots f/ Avenue (similar here and here
Blazer Size 3 c/o Torrid

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