Blue & Yellow Orgasm

Friday, April 13, 2012

My obsession with yellow and blue has officially PEAKEEEDDDDD.

Have to admit, a year ago I never would have dreamed I would leave the house in this color ensemble, and maybe lack of sun in the NW is truly to blame, but I can NOT get enough yellow/gold and blue. This is the $6 blazer I snapped up at Lane Bryant a bit a ago, and while cruising womens, I saw this tube top max in bright yellow...well my mind started racing..especially when I saw the skinny belts!!!!! I bought the blue and bright yellow one - gah - love them so much.

The belts are definitely bigger, I bought the size 26 to be save, but really, could have gone down two sizes if needed.  And, I love the animal print with the blue and yellow too, I think it pops great.

What are your favorite color/print pairings? I need more ideas...I'm going pairing crazy! AHAH Tell me at my fb page -

Have a great weekend!
XOXO Jessica

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