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Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friddayyyyyyyyy!
This has been a great week for me, I think I have completely jumped over EVERY comfort zone I have, well I have one major one left...that story soon. First, I wore a floral dress I would have NEVER dreamed up before (below), I dropped my major retainer client because even though it paid the bills, I wasn't growing and it was time to move forward and challenge myself, AND I made a committment to myself and my family to get FIT! Bit the bullet and joined the gym (for the 4th time in 6 years - LOL - Hey, I never stop trying!).

This time around (I lost 125lbs in 2001 and now I'm back at my peak weight of 327), it's so different, I'm not some crazy person trying to starve/do anything just to lose weight. I'm doing it the right way...yes, eating less calories with lots of great foods and excerising. See, excercising has always been a snore-fest for me, I'm the let's kick some ass kinda girl where I enjoy Zumba, Kickboxing, Swimming Laps, Volleyball, Basketball, Rockwall and more. I didn't joined my gym not for the machines, but for everything else! Stay tuned on my facebook page for what I'm doing!

Do you see this dress??!!!! It's crazy gorgeous!!! And, Torrid, you know I love you, but the photo online doesn't do it any justice. I found this baby on clearance and they had my size 26/28 in stock and thought, hey, that'll make a great blog in I thought I'd look horrible and laugh it all off.....well, I didn't and so glad I got this!!!!!!! They only have size 16 in stock now. (link at bottom)

Have you challenged and JUMPED over your comfort zone? Tell me! Share with me on FB

Have a great weekend!
XOXO Jessica

DRESS Purchased Torrid  /  SHOES c/o Torrid / CLUTCH H&M

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