You can't always believe what you see.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This has been a MONUMENTALLY amazing morning. You know it's true when I'm talkin' in caps! ;)

First, you might have seen from my twitter/facebook, but I'm so excited to announce I'm the newest addition to the Perez family as a plus fashion contributor for CoCo Perez!!!! You can check out my first Coco Perez article. I'll be bringing my weekly "list" to, so check it out! And, ironically I had a lunch date lined up with my girl Margaux Jean, who is also a FitPerez contributor. Mox and I met in 2006 when we did fashion events/marketing in Portland and never would I have imagined so many years later we'd be right where we needed to be and crossing paths again. I love her articles on nutrition and how she never talks about weight, but rather health. Must watch her Easy Nutritional Resolutions for 2012 on FitPerez!

Here's our picture from lunch today! :) What do bloggers do at lunch? They take lots of cell phone pictures :)

My good friend & blogger and soon to be co-author (*wink*) Mandy forwarded me this video, which is exactly what I mean when I say, don't always believe what you see in media. Such a great video and really.....eyelashes are eyelashes people!!! When you see a commercial about amazing lashes...keep that in mind. Honestly, the lashes thing sends me over the edge with the false advertising. Over. The. Edge.

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

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