it's a hat day

Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh my gosh you guys,
I'm sick and have ZERO energy for the hair routine, and out of contacts, haven't ordered and jailed to my glasses...I'm embracing the studious look :-|. But that WON'T stop me from feeling cute!

Thank goodness I have some hats on standby. Here's one of my favs, I wore it on this post too.

*TIP* Do your hair AFTER you put the hat on :) Heeheee....I just straighten the ends poking out and voila! Cute :)

Me wearing this hat in a post from fall, god I miss my old back yard. The leaves were breathtaking. :(
Read the entire post here.

Oh! And, I had the best web-garage sale ever! Check out "shop my closet" up above, and I have about 30 more items to post including more shoes, fancy dresses and everything in between.

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

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