{ video } Happy New Year!!

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Yes, I'm uploading a video and posting a blog at 9pm PST before I head out....
Why? Because I love ya!!
Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!!


Jessica Kane
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{ video } Inside My Closet - My Winter Style Must Haves

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Is it 2012 yet?!
No?! Ok, let's go out with a bang and do a video post! The video actually shows the outfit from my blog post yesterday and I also went through my closet and picked out the items I think I'd DIE if I didn't have!

If you're a youtuber, please add me (subscribe?) - www.youtube.com/jkanebaby!

So, just to be mushy for a minute.....

I have to tell you how much you have changed my life. Because of all you AMAZING readers who support me, share my posts, tweet your friends and visit my blog daily (around 98,000 times in December!!!!!!), you have allowed me to live my dream. To inspire and empower women to look beyond the weight, and realize as a person, they/you are beautiful. If I listened to everyone who said a size 26 girl was disgusting, then I wouldn't go get cute clothes, and wear fun hair and makeup and I certainly wouldn't have a blog. I would be in my room, living in my hole and hating myself.

Unfortunately, I think TOO many women DO believe the crap that comes out of some people's mouths. But, you create and determine your worth, YOU. You have the power to believe and embrace your confidence. It's baby steps, like wearing shorts for the first time in 5 years, or wearing a bathing suit in public for the first time....these baby steps will help you realize it's not so scary to embrace your body and stop hiding.

And remember, fashion/style is all personal taste. If someone doesn't like what you're wearing, who cares? As long as you feel great! It's like sushi, some hate some love...but neither are wrong.

I wish you a happy new year loves! And, I'm going to challenge ourselves to commit to dressing up (you know, no jammies/sweats) for 5 straight days. I have a feeling we're gonna feel fabulous. And, I'll insist you share daily on my facebook wall or tweet me to hold us ALL accountable.

Thank you for everything, I truly love you.

Jessica Kane

Effortlessly Chic

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First, how is it Thursday, like almost the New Year??
Honestly, time is going by WAY too quick!!

Thank goodness I have a little home studio for shooting outfits, makes posts so much faster! I went to my client, Sheraton Portland Hotel, to meet with my liquor sponsor for the NYE party, and I needed to look a bit effortlessly chic. Didn't want to look like I was trying too hard - LOL. And, this top was IT.

I've been on the search for a simple, but detailed white sheer top forever now! Something that felt and looked luxe, but without the price. I finally found two tops that I loved, this is one - from Simply Be, it was only $27 (and of course out of stock now)!!!!!! I swear it's utter perfection. It has this detailing in the fabric that is so gorgeous and the sleeve detail is so perfect. I love how I can wear with and without a belt, and go casual or dressy with it.

Of course I wore my favorite jeggings of ALL time, the Svoboda 360 Stretch Five Pocket Skinny Jean in Blue Stone (still need to get the review up! sorry).

I swear, this is one of my favorite outfits ever!! And, remember my favorite boots, the Cognac LULU from Torrid? Well, they sent me the black pair TOO!! *dying* BEST BOOT EVER for a 20" calf.
K, well I'm off to finish planning and printing for the NYE event....of which I get to work. :( No fun plans this year, that's kind of the downside to marketing, you usually have to WORK the event, instead of enjoy it. What are you planning?? I'd love to live vicariously through you!

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TOP c/o Simply Be (it's sold out * sorry *)
PANTS c/o 
Svoboda 360 Stretch Five Pocket Skinny Jean in Blue Stone Size 26
BOOTS c/o Torrid Black Lulu Size 11

Plus Size OOTD \\ Purple & Tangerine

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So the weather is sh*t and I've been forced to get creative with my blog post shoots - LOL. I live in the Northwest, so it's just muddy, dreary, rainy, ick.


I'm hoping you like these as well as the "on location" ones, let me know your thoughts, I'm actually really liking it since I feel you can see the outfit better.

This outfit is the same Torrid top and SVOBODA jeggings as seen here, but paired with a new fabbbbbbulous cardi from Simply Be! The embellished shoulder is EVERYTHING.

Gotta tell ya, I'm so loving my new colored pieces I'm finding it hard to wear all my black/white again. LOL! So, here are my pics and a video :) Was rocking my "rocker" hair!

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CARDI c/o Simply Be - Get it here.
TOP c/o Torrid - Get it here.
PANTS c/o Svoboda - Get them here.
SHOES Payless - Get them here.
WATCH c/o Monroe & Main - No longer avail.

New pattern area rug is from Ikea - get it here.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes

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Merry After Christmas lovers!
I so enjoyed spending time with my hubby and kiddo and excited to enjoy my presents (well I AM enjoying my ergonomic keyboard and mouse right now - GENIUS!)....of which a handmade scarf from my friend Brit! Which got me thinking, I bet a lot of us got scarves....so why not see new ways to wear them?

This video is freaking genius. Love it. And, I watch it regularly to refresh, I definitely need to be wearing my scarves more.

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So what's YOUR favorite way to wear a scarf?

OOTD \\ New + Old

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I CAN NOT believe tomorrow is Christmas EVE! I'm definitely way more excited than usual because of my 3 year old, I get to live Christmas again through his eyes and I LOVE IT. Plus, he doesn't know he has a Wii under the tree :) Shhhhh

Had to run out the other day and wanted to do something a little different. I love going to my closet and mixing and matching to see what new combo's I can create. So, in my book, these are total yes's:

  1. Matching colored choker + long necklace (I used to think that was so a big no? But I like now)
  2. Stripes under a bright solid. I love black/white stripes paired with bright red, bright blue, etc. Try it out!
This outfit is a mix of both new and old pieces....and go figure the new pieces are no longer avail online :(.
  • Cardi - Old (Lotis - out of business now)
  • Necklaces - Choker is new, long one is old (Macy's)
  • Striped Sweater - Old (Lane Bryant)
  • Pants - New (Source of Wisdom gifted to me by Torrid)
  • Handbag - BRAND New (Hello Kitty gifted to me by Torrid)
  • Watch - BRAND New (Gifted to me from Monroe & Main)
  • Shoes - Old (Gifted a long time ago from Torrid)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ladies! See you Monday!

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Color Obsession \\ Blue + Tangerine

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Oh my gosh you guys,
I was SO hating the weather and light the other day. But, I was OBSESSED with this outfit and wanted to show you. So, thought I would dress it up a little with some graphic design....do you hate it? love it? Feedback is always welcomed!

I never thought blue color combo's would drag me away from my stable black/white/grey favorites...but it has! I'm loving gold and blue, but also gold and tangerine. The tricky thing about tangerine, it's SOOOO gorgeous in person, but is freaking hard to photograph! GAH!

Plus, this outfit features some freaking amazing new jeggings I got to try! I have a review post coming up asap for them - they are from SVOBODA. My friend, Jessica Svoboda is the owner/designer, and I was so lucky to see her while I was in LA and even see new fabrics she's working on and give my feedback!! So exciting, I so love design and have so many ideas in my head. As a big girl on the larger end of the spectrum, it's SOOOO hard to find stuff that fits and looks good, maybe someday I'll be able to help that problem. *wishing*

Thank you so much to Torrid for these amazing gifted items (Boots, Top, Cardi), I'm such a lucky girl and so appreciate them being so supportive. Happy holidays loves!

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OOTD \\ Holiday Party

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Hey guys!
Quick post to show you my holiday party outfit from the other day. I was invited to one of my client's parties, and the plan was a dress, but Torrid had sent me this top to try and I fell in love. The draping is so cool and I love the cut.

This is the outfit from my holiday video where I featured my new top and necklace from Torrid. Plus, my obsession with navy blue and gold - GAH - can NOT get enough! And, this top is on sale for only $29.99 with all sizes in stock - get it here.

Here are some pics! And, you HAVE to watch the Skorch Magazine JibJab holiday card - and yes, I'm in there. BWHAHA! I love jibjab.

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One of my favorite necklaces ever.
LOVE the draping in the back.

Most comfortable wedges ever! Dexter from Payless.

Gorgeous Wrapped Cupcake Presents. 

TOP (Size 3) & NECKLACE c/o Torrid
PANTS (Size 26) Old Navy Jeggings
SHOES (Size 11W) Payless Dexter Wedges

{ video } happy holidays vlog

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Happy 16th of December!!

Thank you to Love Nati's Christmas video for kicking my behind into gear and getting on the holiday bandwagon. I'm the ultimate procrastinator and even now, I sit at my desk with my husband's "list" inches away and figure I still have time to tackle it. LOL Oh God :-|.

So, was all dressed up for a party and figured I should make the most of it! Here's a OOTD showing off my new Torrid Top and Necklace and Holiday Greeting Vlog for you (man, vlog sounds so cool kid).

And, hello to all my new readers! Please feel free to comment and visit my facebook and twitter, I DO check them ALL and reply to everything possible.

Hugs and happy holidays!

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the making of a confidence crusader...my true story

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I'm sure you get a ton of mail a day but I just wanted to let you know that you're amazing! A friend showed me your blog this morning. Being a 26/28 is no walk in the park but you've given me new hope that style and success are things I can achieve and now i want to go shopping!                                                - Robin from Pasco, WA

Your blog inspires me! I love how you live life to the fullest! I often feel bad that I am a plus size woman and I feel like people judge me because of that so I stick to the droopy clothing away from what my heart truly wants and I think tomorrow will be better or if I could just lose more weight,m if I could lose 100lbs+ I would feel better about myself but I am beginning to see it is all about perception of how I feel about myself and not what others think or feel about me. Thank you! You have inspired me! - Beashua, Arkansas

I can't tell you how touched I am and how honored I feel that every day I receive emails, tweets, comments and more from readers telling me how much I have changed their lives. And, it overjoys me that my mission is working....to empower women who struggle to love their bodies to feel confident and love themselves. This is why I will answer every reader question and comment possible! I read story after story of women who are/were depressed, lost and in search of someone to understand, I hear the voice of a 16 year old girl who wished the same things. Before internet and bloggers, back when the only influence you had were your school friends, family and magazines. 

That 16 year old was me. This confident girl that I am today is NOT who I've always been.

I'm NOT the girl who always knew her style, always loved hair/makeup, and was popular or cool (and I'm not saying it's bad if you are/were, just wasn't me). In fact, I was teased mercilessly for my maiden name, Head. (that's even hard to TYPE!) I was not happy or confident and certainly NEVER did I dream I'd be the woman I am today. My story is one I rarely share, because I don't look back and feel sorry for myself, and I don't want sympathy, but this is a great story - one of struggle and perseverance. And I am proud.

Not all of us have a female role model to look to, in fact, most of us have no one to look to. Coming from a cliche broken home (young & alcoholic mother, absentee father, poverty and living at a salvation army, sexual and physical abuse, two sisters that went to foster care so I never go to know them, and so forth), I didn't either. It was when I was 20 years old that I knew there was more out there and I knew I was meant for more. I wasn't able to afford college, was trapped in a marriage, but as a resourceful and hardworking woman, I opened many doors professionally. And, then the day I discovered makeup happened (wedding photo below), that moment changed my life forever and was the first day of a four year journey to find myself.

When I looked in the mirror....I saw this beautiful woman...someone I didn't recognize. And, then...a flicker of confidence went through my soul. I instantly looked at myself differently...with pride. 
Then, after a series life changing events in 2004 including a dangerous crash diet where I lost over 120lbs in 1 year, the end of my first marriage and a miscarriage, I realized my strength and potential, and instead of listening to the voices in my head that for so long tore me down, I chose to listen to the powerful woman that was hidden inside. And even after 7 years and 100lbs BACK on, I am STILL that confident woman. It wasn't the weight...it was me.

I'm sharing this because I want you to know why I'm so passionate, and that it's NOT just about the clothes for me. And to the women who tell me they think I have it all together and so easy....I don't. Even today, I struggle with feeling confident, loving my body, etc.(just ask my friends!) It takes effort and courage to say I love me, especially when the accepted norm is to pick yourself apart. And, it takes an army of positivity (again, thank you said friends and you my positive readers!)...which is why I refuse to tear anyone down or pick at anyone, because that action will not help that person think differently - but instead make them more defensive. I know this first-hand.

I want to share some never before seen photos with you, these are moments that I have only shared with my husband until now. Even my close friends have never seen these pictures. 

{ below } 
A lost 21 year old marrying her first boyfriend. I speak in a 3rd person, because this is a girl I do not know anymore. And, I look at her and wish I could tell her what I know today.
She spent way too much time hating herself. So beautiful, but hated her body, self and life. That smile is a forced one.

{ below } 
At my bridal shower the week before.
Obviously I didn't know makeup or hair or how much it would change my life and confidence.
I used to see just a fat girl, but didn't see until now that was just a big girl that didn't love herself.

{ below } 
Senior year in my locker bin, wearing my favorite outfit of the time. I was a total jock... I could only shop in the JcPenney men's dept. for my clothes. My go-to pants were the Silvertab Levi's - 42/32. Since I lived in a super small town, there was no Lane Bryant, no Torrid, not even a Macy's. Just JCP and Walmart...which at the time carried ZERO plus size...so, having no idea how to style myself, I went with the comfy basics....and had to resort to the men's dept. 

{ below } 
Top, a 15 year old with no guidance on how to be a girl/woman.
Below, a 25 year old who found her confident self with the help of fashion/hair/makeup.

{ below } 
A 14 year old girl who only knew how to be smart and how to play sports. And a girl who longed to stop being teased about her name, her hair and clothes.

What strikes me about this photo, is I so remember how fat I felt since my shirt was a 2xl.
I would beat myself up every day because I was never good enough....and looking back, I can't believe that I thought that. I was 180lbs and all muscle from power lifting and being a shotput thrower...that's a great thing, I was HEALTHY.

{ below } 
Left, with my best friends and always felt like the fat ugly one, so I would hide in the back of photos.
Right, 10 years and many life lessons later, I was confident and fun and loving life.

{ below } 
My eighth grade graduation. I think the most un-confident day of my life! LOL I can thank my zero-fashion sense mom for my glasses and haircut! oyy!

my confidence manifesto.
You can be that confident girl in the room, you just have to BELIEVE.

Your weight is NOT the issue, the issue is how you are viewing yourself. I'm the same weight I was back at my most depressed, and yet I feel the most confident now...because I view myself as beautiful.

It's ok to say you love yourself and take pride in yourself...and it's ok to have those moments where you hold yourself accountable and give yourself a kick in the ass. Just be YOU.
Love yourself.
You're real
.....................and real is perfect.

Join my confidence army, and inspire someone today.
Share your confidence manifestos and stories with me below! I want to hear, plus, it could be used in a book I'm writing with my friend Mandy Allen. (shhhhh)

Jessica Kane (yes, the universe said sorry and gave me a husband with an AMAZING last name *wink*)

{enter to win} my velvet damask top from monroe and main

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Hey girls!!

Monroe and main was so happy by all the feedback from my review on their top, they wanted to give YOU a chance to win it too!

So, here's a giveaway for you - winner will be drawn on 12/19!
Good luck!

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  a Rafflecopter giveaway

a cape saved the day

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Hello hellooooo,


What at first was destined for tragedy, went off quite well. Ok, that's a bit dramatic, but it was a night for me....LOL. To start, when you're a mommy who never gets out, and a blogger who wears a LOT of day stuff, you get excited when you know you have a planned girls night. Babysitter, check! Tickets, check! Friends, yes!

So, like most middle aged ladies - am I right? 31 count? Well, I feel middle aged most of the time.
So, like ladies my age...we plan for this like it's the PROM. Every little detail! I had the MOST amazing outfit planned - In. My. Head. So, after putting my gloriously planned frock on - bam - no way. Not gonna happen. Like, just was TOTALLY NOT feeling it. No worries, that happens....but now what??!!! I try to bring you ladies new and fun ideas for outfits, and I couldn't wear a repeat!! **oh god, I sound like THAT blogger* lowers head.

Well, we were headed to a 20's themed charity party, and I tried to "twenties" it up...but I'm HORRIBLE at theme parties. But, the good news, I think I managed to accidentally pull it off! LOL Thanks to my favorite Torrid dress, my new shell clutch from Forever21 and a new present sent to me from my new friend Susie at Embellish Boutique, a cape.

So, here's the story on the cape. Full disclosure. When I opened up the package, which was so amazingly thoughtful and sweet, I instantly was scared....a cape...what do I do with a cape? Oh god, she sent me this amazing present and I have NO idea how to rock it :(.

But, fate stepped in and that very cape saved the night!!!! And, I now I'm completely in LOVE with it and want to wear it EVERYWHERE. I didn't want to take it off. I felt so glamorous and so warm! Thank God, since it was 25 degrees outside!

So, thank you Susie for saving my night. You and your cape are my new obsessions :).

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My new favorite angle..... 
Especially if I'm going to eat THESE! :(
Best friends a girl could ask for! Mandy (L), Traci, Katie, me.

DRESS c/o Torrid CAPE c/o Embellish Boutique CLUTCH Forever 21
TIGHTS We Love Colors Plus Size SHOES Payless Dexter Wedges

OOTD \\ Board Meeting

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Hello hello ladies, here's a plus size OOTD (outfit of the day) - do you know how long it took me to figure out what that meant!??! *laughing*

You know, I know, there is NOTHING better than a hot blazer, skinnies and wedges...but sometimes it gets a bit hot and you have to consider that you might need to take that blazer off and still look cute!

I was headed to a board meeting the other day and KNEW they would crank up the heat, so my solution was to wear a cute 3/4 sleeve v-neck under it, this one is a Twist Tee from Torrid. That way, when I took it off, I'd still be fash. (is that a word? fash? just sounds right - LOL).

*tip* My trick, that most of my friends think is cool, is to wear the belt under the blazer (not on top). In fact, being a bigger girl, I love the belt look, but some days you just don't feel you're able to rock it - so the blazer over covers you up a bit, but still shows off the fab wide belt look.

I also talk a LOT about jeggings and get asked which ones I love. I have talked about Old Navy, Avenue, Lane Bryant and Torrid....and I am adding these luxe black babies to the TOP of my favorite list.
They are the so freaking comfortable, no really. I love they have a high waist, as you put on weight, you find your pants getting higher and higher with my body type! LOL - so I feel very comfortable in these. They are Source of Wisdom Luxe Black Skinny, and I'm wearing the size 26. I have to say, these run quite large. I am a true 26/28, and I have plenty of room - in fact, thinking about getting the size down. The best part is though, they don't fall down...they stay put??!

Have lots of room but they don't fall down!

TOP/PANTS/BLAZER c/o Torrid BELT Lane Bryant NECKLACE Aldo SHOES Payless 

{ Review } Damask Velvet Tunic from Monroe and Main

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Review time! The totally kind folks at Monroe & Main sent me this top to review and share with you. They did not compensate me and have just asked for my genuine review. And, the good news is, I LOVED IT!

I actually have been eyeing this top for quite a while from the catalog I started receiving a few months ago, the damask velvet made me swoon! Still not sure how they got my address? LOL - but glad they did!

When I looked at this top online, I saw the reviews were all good, so I thought I'd give it a chance. I was so excited to pair it with my gold lovelies, I'm kinda obsessed with navy and gold right now. I need moorrreeeeeee.

Ok, so read my review below and drop by my facebook page to let me know what you think!

PS - I'm loving my new hair!! A little home dye and self trim on the bangs and feeling like a new woman! You like?

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TOP c/o Monroe & Main SKIRT Lane Bryant TIGHTS We Love Colors BOOTS Payless

I think my favorite bracelet set ever! From Torrid, the pack includes all of them! Takes the guesswork out of pairing bracelets.
From their website:

Top, Flocked Royal-Tee

$44.95 - $49.95

Figure enhancing scoop neck and "V" shaped pattern flatter and shape. Rayon/spandex; machine wash. Imported. Royal.

My Review:

Fit: Perfect! The sleeves are longer and I liked that, but if you were trying to show off a watch, you wouldn't see it. I paired with a few large bangles, which push the sleeve back. The neck opening was quite large and I found myself pulling at my right shoulder to make sure my bra strap didn't show a few times, but not enough to make me not get this top. I thought the length was perfect as well. And, the fabric does have quite a bit of stretch to it, so if unsure on size, I'd order a size down.

Color: Compared to what's shown on the website, I thought the color was exactly the same. Some of my shots make it look more purple, but it's definitely blue. And a beautiful blue!

Fabric: The fabric is pretty thin, but the velvet is thick and very nice. If you ordered a size down and like it more snug, you wouldn't be able to wear a white bra. 

Sizing: Top available in sizes 1X - 3X. I ordered the 3X and it's true to size. The sleeves are longer, so if you have petite arms, this will not work well on you. I have average to longer arms and it was perfect for me.

Pricing:  I do think $50 is a bit pricey for this top considering the thinner type of jersey that it is, but the velvet is gorgeous and very nice. I haven't washed it yet, so kinda scared about that, will have to keep you posted on that one.

Overall: 5 stars