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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello hellooooo,


What at first was destined for tragedy, went off quite well. Ok, that's a bit dramatic, but it was a night for me....LOL. To start, when you're a mommy who never gets out, and a blogger who wears a LOT of day stuff, you get excited when you know you have a planned girls night. Babysitter, check! Tickets, check! Friends, yes!

So, like most middle aged ladies - am I right? 31 count? Well, I feel middle aged most of the time.
So, like ladies my age...we plan for this like it's the PROM. Every little detail! I had the MOST amazing outfit planned - In. My. Head. So, after putting my gloriously planned frock on - bam - no way. Not gonna happen. Like, just was TOTALLY NOT feeling it. No worries, that happens....but now what??!!! I try to bring you ladies new and fun ideas for outfits, and I couldn't wear a repeat!! **oh god, I sound like THAT blogger* lowers head.

Well, we were headed to a 20's themed charity party, and I tried to "twenties" it up...but I'm HORRIBLE at theme parties. But, the good news, I think I managed to accidentally pull it off! LOL Thanks to my favorite Torrid dress, my new shell clutch from Forever21 and a new present sent to me from my new friend Susie at Embellish Boutique, a cape.

So, here's the story on the cape. Full disclosure. When I opened up the package, which was so amazingly thoughtful and sweet, I instantly was scared....a cape...what do I do with a cape? Oh god, she sent me this amazing present and I have NO idea how to rock it :(.

But, fate stepped in and that very cape saved the night!!!! And, I now I'm completely in LOVE with it and want to wear it EVERYWHERE. I didn't want to take it off. I felt so glamorous and so warm! Thank God, since it was 25 degrees outside!

So, thank you Susie for saving my night. You and your cape are my new obsessions :).

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My new favorite angle..... 
Especially if I'm going to eat THESE! :(
Best friends a girl could ask for! Mandy (L), Traci, Katie, me.

DRESS c/o Torrid CAPE c/o Embellish Boutique CLUTCH Forever 21
TIGHTS We Love Colors Plus Size SHOES Payless Dexter Wedges

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