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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Did I mention I'm obsessed with these boots?


Well, I'm OBSESSED (and with Torrid obviously as well since I'm head to toe in T!).

I have lived over 30 years on this planet without a decent loose fitting tall boots having 19.5" calves. I would feel so left out of the tall boot craze and wearing my flats that would fit my feet....And, the magical year of 2011 brought me my new babies! Well, and Torrid :). I admit, I do get a lot of free stuff from retailers to try and I do love, and I'm so appreciative, but that means I rarely buy anything! So when I do buy something, it's something I can NOT live these boots!

I was lucky and got them $20 off, so only $48! Crazy. And, to think I almost thought the cognac color would go with anything in my wardrobe?!!!? blasphemy, these are PERFECT!

Here are some pictures from yesterday and my lunch date. There really isn't anything that can make you feel more confident than some great boots and a great outfit. You really do feel as good as you look sometimes!

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