Monday, July 25, 2011

Love Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips


One word = GENIUS.

And, why am I just now trying these things? I used to have solar gel nails forever, because my real nails are the devil, brittle and not cute. Then the gel shelaq stuff came out, and while I LOVE it too, it's $30 freaking dollars every 2 weeks! ummm no thank you.

So, next up - Sally Hansen nail strips and honestly, genius. I cut my nails nice and short so they don't bend and apply rubbing alcohol because I have oily beds. If you have longer nails that easily bend, you won't love these, because the polish will crack eventually and not last as long. But in the end, the $9.99 every 2 weeks is the best deal I know of! :D


Friday, July 22, 2011

The Support Your Boobies Project

Oh yes, I'm doing it. 

So, I was down to one bra - you know we all do it - and had to run to get some more and figured this was a great opportunity to talk about the "ladies". I know the last thing you want to drop your hard earned cash on is the bra, trust me, I know. In fact, I only buy the basics, every girl needs a white, black and nude bra.

I get asked a lot where I buy my bras and 100% of the time I say Lane Bryant Cacique. And, in my neck of the woods we have a full Cacique store, great for finding hard to shop for sizes like mine. I'm a confident and "well supported" 44DD.

NOTHING can help you feel more confident and look more amazing than the right bra. My personal favorite is the Tshirt bra - around $35. I've tried them all and for me, this is the best bra for support (I have to have the wire), thin straps (gotta look cute!) and perfect nip padding (don't have a cold shower moment ladies).

Be the best version of YOU and get a great bra! Cacique specialists even help you find the right size, sometimes that's the problem.

Go support your boobies girls!

Thanks to my girl Katie for taking these pics!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

$15 DKNY Cardi from Costco?!

First, I want to apologize for being gone for so long. I truly have been working my ace off and the last thing I worry about while hacking away at the computer is what I'm wearing. In fact, right now, we shall NOT discuss what I am wearing. But, I have missed blogging and inspiring myself, let alone my amazing readers.  So, I've made a resolution... I MUST get out of the office at least 2 days a week to experience and enjoy life. Truly, 18 hrs behind the computer isn't doing my inspiration any good.

Soooooo, yesterday, I went to the grocery store!!! ahhahaha! This is a big deal because I hate the grocery store and thankfully my husband loves to go! But, we really needed supplies and I had to man up. ugh. But, was a great time to wear my new find.

If you're my friend with me on Facebook, you already know about my exciting $15 DKNY cardi find at Costco the other day! And, to prove that sizing is just a number/letter, this is a size L/XL, and honey we KNOW that's crazy. I'm a 22/24 on top, but thankfully cotton stretches :). I'm absolutely obsessed with stripes and I won't listen to anyone who tells me stripes make you look bigger. It's all about your body type, so no blanket rules here, just work with your body.

Miss ya and see you at my facebook page, I'm there daily.

Thanks to my awesome friend and assistant Katie for taking these pictures!

Monday, July 11, 2011

city chic loves fatshionchic

Fun times at :) Shout out to City Chic for letting me try on fun clothes for my readers.

Take a look at the new City Chic Lookbook @ !

There is also loads of other juicy content like >>
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Shout out to my fellow bloggers featured!! >> <-- SKORCHMAG.COM FASHION EDITOR!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Clique to Know

Oh my gosh. So this is an exclusive blog post to give you the scoop! You know when you dream of something awesome and suddenly it comes true?

Like, man I love that scarf, if only it was on sale. Then tomorrow, you hear it is?! Or, you're dreaming of being able to afford that most DIVINE $800 KEVAN HALL GINGHAM FRONT TIE BLOUSE? And you hear it's going for half that at a new website called CLIQUEtoKNOW?! Oh yes my friends. Now curvy girls have our own flash sales site to enjoy the finer things in life.

Did you know such amazing designer fashion was available for plus girls?! YES! It's called "Clique To Know," a new members-only site dedicated to all you curvaceous women out there. Love fashion? Need a designer fix? Adore securing a bargain? Then Clique To Know will be your one-stop shop for fabulous luxury fashion at discounted prices from US size 10 and upwards.

I love it. You'll love it. Have to admit, feeling kind of cool since I KNOW :D

xoxo, jessica

Friday, July 1, 2011


I forgot how much I love tunics! Perfect 3/4 sleeve with a chunky necklace, perfection. Thanks to my friend Mandy for taking these of me, fun impromptu photos on the way back from lunch.

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