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Friday, July 08, 2011

Oh my gosh. So this is an exclusive blog post to give you the scoop! You know when you dream of something awesome and suddenly it comes true?

Like, man I love that scarf, if only it was on sale. Then tomorrow, you hear it is?! Or, you're dreaming of being able to afford that most DIVINE $800 KEVAN HALL GINGHAM FRONT TIE BLOUSE? And you hear it's going for half that at a new website called CLIQUEtoKNOW?! Oh yes my friends. Now curvy girls have our own flash sales site to enjoy the finer things in life.

Did you know such amazing designer fashion was available for plus girls?! YES! It's called "Clique To Know," a new members-only site dedicated to all you curvaceous women out there. Love fashion? Need a designer fix? Adore securing a bargain? Then Clique To Know will be your one-stop shop for fabulous luxury fashion at discounted prices from US size 10 and upwards.

I love it. You'll love it. Have to admit, feeling kind of cool since I KNOW :D

xoxo, jessica

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