The Support Your Boobies Project

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh yes, I'm doing it. 

So, I was down to one bra - you know we all do it - and had to run to get some more and figured this was a great opportunity to talk about the "ladies". I know the last thing you want to drop your hard earned cash on is the bra, trust me, I know. In fact, I only buy the basics, every girl needs a white, black and nude bra.

I get asked a lot where I buy my bras and 100% of the time I say Lane Bryant Cacique. And, in my neck of the woods we have a full Cacique store, great for finding hard to shop for sizes like mine. I'm a confident and "well supported" 44DD.

NOTHING can help you feel more confident and look more amazing than the right bra. My personal favorite is the Tshirt bra - around $35. I've tried them all and for me, this is the best bra for support (I have to have the wire), thin straps (gotta look cute!) and perfect nip padding (don't have a cold shower moment ladies).

Be the best version of YOU and get a great bra! Cacique specialists even help you find the right size, sometimes that's the problem.

Go support your boobies girls!

Thanks to my girl Katie for taking these pics!

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