MonifC Review of Riley and Layla Dresses

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Every once in a while you want to have a little fun! If you have been on my snapchat (thejessicakane) or instagram (jessica_kane), you know I've been wanting to change my hair for a while. Well, I finally took the plunge and am back to brunette! I have a full youtube coming documenting my full transformation as I did it myself. It's tricky going from platinum blonde to dark brown! Now, I just need to remember how to do my makeup - LOL. My contour is all jacked, so excuse the makeup here... :( ugh.

But, good news is right after I colored my hair, MonifC invited me to be a guest blogger to showcase some new styles they have on their site.  I always jump at the chance to try new plus size fashion for you so I can report back my findings, so keep reading for my review!

The first dress is the "Riley" 
Here is the link and it goes for $148. I'm wearing the size 22/24 and I was surprised it fit to be honest, as I'm a 26/28 in most styles I buy for my bottom like jeans/skirts/etc. I knew though that MonifC items were made from thick stretchy fabric and figured why not! I did wear my Avenue High Waist Boy Short Shapewear (which is SUPER thick and smoothing).

For my body I felt the top part was a bit awkward, but I bet it's because I am smaller on the top than the bottom - so always have a problem with fitted dresses on top like this. As for the value of the dress, if you have the money and want something original, this dress is perfect. What I do love about MonifC designs is how original the styles are, you truly can't find this fashion anywhere. 

The Riley Review {above}
Thick and stretchy with a perfect 96% polyester and 4% spandex.
No lining but it really doesn't need one.
I am a 42DD on top and feel like I barely had enough to fill it in, def wouldn't buy if smaller chest.

This dress would be good for the following body shapes:  
Apple (my shape), Hourglass, Rectangle

The Layla Review
I'm wearing the size 22/24, it's $134 and here is the link.
Also made with a thick and stretchy fabric of 96% polyester and 4% spandex.
No lining as well.
The center black piece isn't sewn on and it does move around.
It has a lower hem in the back and higher in the front.
I do wish I had put on some black tights because I think for me that would have really brought more focus to my top and not my legs.

This dress would be good for the following body shapes: 
Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass

Remember, just because you can't afford it does not mean it's not worth it. Treat yourself every once in a while when you can because it feels good to be draped in a custom designed dress. Not every designer / retailer can provide clothing for less expensive prices and that is okay. Thankfully, we have many options for stylish plus clothes for all price ranges.

It takes time and money to make original designs happen, a significant investment, so while some may think this is too much money for dresses like these - I assure you the value is there. The value goes beyond the fabric you see on my body, it goes into the designers and talent, the showroom and fabric sourcing, research and development, pattern tech packs and more. Remember when you purchase designs from an independent designer that they aren't able to buy a million pieces like a Lane Bryant which brings the pricing down (that's why Walmart has the cheapest pricing). Designers like MonifC are investing to make change happen and I hope you swing by and give them a look!

Much Love,

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