And I gave birth....

Friday, September 20, 2013

I think I have a few missing person's reports filed on myself, lol...but I'm here and alive - promise. I've been giving birth to Portland Fashion Week.  Most might not know that my love in life is event production that incorporates strategic partnerships and something fun. So when the opportunity came to be the co-owner and Executive Director of PFW - I jumped at the chance. It's the 10year anniversary of the brand and I saw so much more potential in community involvement and representation - so thus began the journey of the new PFW.

That part of my life could easily become a book and I wanted to pop in to show you what I wore and give HUGE thanks to Torrid for ONCE AGAIN hooking me up with amazing threads for the week of festivities. As the director, I had to look the part a bit == LOL. Even though I did my hair and makeup in a tiny mirror in a storage room - didn't come out too bad - lol, but definitely would have looked more polished if I had the time to stress about the specifics....but say la vie - I had a show to produce!

So, thankfully we have a fun photo booth that I took advantage of documenting my outfits plus a red carpet by!

All outfits courtesy of

*Except for red top/black skirt combo where skirt is from*
Shoes courtesy of

Photo above by at Portland Fashion Week® at the Oregon Convention Center

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