I'm alive! Let's celebrate with a Barefoot Tess Giveaway

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OH MY GOSH I can NOT believe how long it's been, I really do miss you guys!! GAH!
I've been working on giving birth to Portland Fashion Week® and have managed to capture a few outfits here and there. The good news is PFW is Sept 12-21, so after that I'm sure to be annoying you on a regular basis ;).

Just a quick recap on some outfits lately - I have been so on the go that my staples have been necessary. My two types of outfits include rolled up jeans + Barefoot Tess sandals + a Torrid Chiffon top OR I do the Torrid Luxe Black Skinnies + Peplum top of some type + Barefoot Tess black pointy toe patent flats. I just don't have tiiiimmeeeeee, so yah, been lazy in the style department, thankful my staples make me "LOOK" a bit cool at least - LOL.

So, in honor of a long needed blog post - Let's DO A GIVEAWAY!!! When Barefoot Tess contacted me to ask me to try some shoes, I was definitely intrigued. We ALL know how frugal cheap I am so I never would dream of spending over $60 for shoes - but my Lord - you really don't know what you're missing if you never try. I've been living in the world of $20 shoes and NO WONDER why my feet get so angry. I'm thrilled with the few pairs they have sent and I asked them if I could do a giveaway because I want you to try them too. Soooooo, check the end of this post to enter to win ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to BarefootTess.com! thank you BFT!

Love you guys!

All shoes in this post are from Barefoot Tess.

$100 Giveaway * Open to residents of planet Earth!* :D

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