Denim Perfection

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It's embarrassing to admit this is the first denim jacket I've ever owned. I think I was really just holding out for the PERFECT one and when shopping the clearance at Fashion Bug, I walked by the "skinny" side and saw this number. She sang to me, swooned to me and after dropping a few sizes, I thought...hmmmm I wonder? It's a size 16 and yes tight, but perfectly tight. !!!!!!!!!!!! Eeck.

What made this one so perfect? The wash, the zippers/pockets, the shorter length, everything. My tip? Always buy a size down, you don't want the jacket to zip/button up! Well I don't at least.

So we are now in love.

And living happily ever after.....

in the Target parking lot.


Denim Sophia Blue Washed Skinny from Torrid (Size 26) here.
Similarly cool jacket here.
Similar studded shoes here.
Heart necklace c/o Torrid here.
Similar black lace tank here.

Photography via iPhone by Mandy Allen of Pep Talk Polly

The Striped Skirt

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You know, I find it extremely hard to believe I've never had a striped skirt yet? I love stripes, on everything! Well, really, it wasn't until recently I even thought about skirts. I just never wore them? So to say this particular skirt changed my life is an understatement. I'm officially obsessed. Skirts. Stripes. Everywhere. Anywhere. You have to watch the video at the end to see!

I'm sad to report this skirt is out of stock at Eshakti, the wonderful people who sent it to me, BUT you absolutely must check out their site. They have such amazing unique pieces full of style, the kind of pieces you just can NOT find anywhere else! So please go visit, and they aren't paying me to say that either! So trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Check out some iphone shots of my special day with my good friend Brittany for her birthday! She's the brunette and the blonde is her sister Kim. I was equally obsessed with her blue studded bag. And, also included an iMovie, completely shot and edited on my iphone! LOL #techNERD


Video from the day!

My Week in SWAK

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I've been so on the go lately that I have so many outfits stacked up I want to show you!! So here's an update on all the SWAK Designs I've been wearing! I've had quite a few business meetings lately with new clients for my agency and my SWAK dresses are easy, comfortable and on trend, thank GOD. As a mommy-preneur on the go, I need easy.

SWAK Designs Evan V-Neck Dress Belt by Fashion to Figure
Just a day at the library with Mandy, we were doing some research. LOL And, what I love most about this dress is the fabric. That's the one thing I hate about online shopping is you can't get a good feel of the fabric and that's really one of the most important things!! This fabric is heavier, stretchy and almost luxurious feeling. It FEELS so gorgeous on your skin.
Dress link here.

SWAK Designs Vienna Cocktail Dress Belt by Fashion to Figure  Blazer & Shoes by Torrid
This dress was everything!! Was headed to a business meeting and needed something that looked fresh and fashionable but business still. It's actually a V-neck halter cocktail dress! But once I put a blazer over it, turned into office instantly.
Dress link here.

SWAK Designs Wrap Dress Necklace by
I was invited to be part of the Wedding Network USA's "Meet the Experts" Panel held as the gorgeous Benson Hotel in downtown Portland and needed something professional but a bit bold - like my personality - so of course red is my SOUL! LOL Honestly, my favorite color. I wore this dress actually in the SWAK editorial I did! And thank you to the amazing Dina Chmut for taking the picture of me! She's kinda major :). Be sure to check out her AHHHmazing wedding photography at her fanpage - she's doing a giveaway when she reaches 6k - trust me, you'll want in!

Dress link here.

HUGE HUGE Thanks to my best friend and business partner Mandy Allen for taking all these pictures! Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram (@mandys_view).

Winner Announcement for #ProjectPlus

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I couldn't be more proud to partner with a company like Sealed With A Kiss Designs for the Project Plus monthly contest. They are a company that steps outside the boundaries and features women we can all relate too while also keeping all image editing to a minimum while promoting "Plus Fashion. Unedited Beauty". I'm just so proud and wish more companies would follow suit. 

I read every Project Plus entry and out of the hundreds this month, there was one girl that stood out to me. It wasn't until I was 24 that I realized the same thing as her, it was ME and my mindset on how I viewed and accepted myself. Please take a minute to read her winning story.

I'm excited to announce October's winner, Alexandra Bodan!! She's going to receive a mini-wardrobe from SWAK!!

I'm so proud of all the women who entered and thank you so much for sharing your life with me every month. I'm thinking about next month and need ideas on a theme, would love your input! What do you think? 


Learn more about my partnership with SWAK, "Project Plus"


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Working on a style segment today and wore my new maxi from Posh Shoppe. I was hesitant at first only because I'm at the top end of their 3x, but thank god for jersey's stretches and works with you. The colors in this dress just made me swoon, and paired with huge gold chandeliers that barely peak out under my hair.

Posh Shoppe is new and ladies, you must check them out!! Their prices are crazy affordable and this dress is only like $38. Get it here PLUS get 10% off with code JESS10!

And wore my Torrid strapless bra, which I have to say I'm loving now that I fit into it :) LOL


October Issue of SKORCH Launches

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I can't even express how blessed I feel to have the team I have at SKORCH Magazine! They produce empowering and positive content that SHOWS women that real is perfect and that you can love your body and dress it well no matter what size.

This month, Tiffany (Editor-in-Chief) and I surprised Ashley Rose, one of our bloggers from Australia, with the cover! Hehehehe!

From Tiffany - "Inside you will see the very stunning Doria Pagnotta from Jerseylicious.  She is as sweet as she is beautiful.  Thank you to Jovana Reyes for rocking out some amazing editorials. Our cover model is the beautiful Ashley Rose from This is Ashley Rose.  She is an Aussie Blogger and a proud Skorch team member.  When Ashley posted these pics, we knew she needed to be our cover model!  It also shows that you don’t have to be a model, or a celebrity to get our cover because REAL IS PERFECT.  Speaking of Real is Perfect, you will love the Real is Perfect shoot featuring some of our favorite people."


Big Girls CAN Look Sexy for Halloween Too!

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The joke is always that if there is EVER there is a time of year to embrace your inner slut, Halloween is the time. And you better believe I fully intend to take advantage of my right to look sexy this year. It isn't often that I bust out a tutu and bustier, but damn it this felt so good. I think every girl, big girls too, need to extend that comfort zone and try a sexy look this year.

Here's my very serious 7 step recipe to look hot for Halloween ladies!

  1. Lashes - the faker and bigger the better.
  2. Smokey Eye - if it looks too dark, go darker.
  3. Ears - I don't care if they are bunny, cat, devil or mickey - rock the ears
  4. Bra - Exposed
  5. Work the curves - you have the thighs and hips some girls try to enhance, show them off!
  6. Tutu - Why does only Honey Boo Boo get to have all the fun?! I want one too!
  7. Look in the mirror and laugh and have fun - don't take it all so seriously! 

K ladies! Now upload your pic to my facebook wall and show everyone how you're embracing your body for Halloween!


All items c/o Torrid
Ears / Mittens / Choker - Dark Bunny Kit ONLY $7!!! LINK HERE
Skirt (Petticoat) only $19! LINK HERE
Black Corset $34 LINK HERE
Wide Width Patent 5" Heel  $44.50 LINK HERE
Leggings - Basic /  Shiny Crinkle Lame  /  Zebra Print


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The cut-out shoulder is fun and this dress from SWAK Designs is a great way to enjoy it in a smaller dose. I love the 'Jade' color one so much, it just screamed pair me with an animal print!! OH, and don't forget the aviators and tall boots.... Yes, my dress said those exact words to me, who am I to disobey? LOLS

These boots were featured on my Ultimate Wide Calf Boot guide for 2012, they are the Taupe version of #6 from Torrid. My calf is 18.5" (well my right one which is the biggest, left calf is smaller) and they fit with lots of room left for jeans - can NOT wait to wear these all fall!!!! EECKKK

So going shopping for fall accessories now - let the faux fur fly baby - going to glitz it up.

Photography by Mandy Allen of

Outfit Details
Dress c/o SWAK Designs - size 3X color Jade LINK HERE
Boots c/o Torrid Size 11W Taupe LINK HERE


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I did it! I ventured into the world of printed pants! Now, I've been more adventurous lately with my style and when I saw these python jeggings from Torrid, I knew I could totally make them work with my new brilliant blue blazer from Maurices.

Now these pants are jeggings but have less stretch than say the stiletto skinny from Torrid, so be sure to not size down. I'm wearing size 24 here and they fit perfectly. This blazer was an unexpected surprise since I never shop at Maurices and was scared of the sizing...this is a 3x and right now I'm a size 18/20 on top.

I'm DEFINITELY going to be pairing more blue/python(silver/grey)/white. Love this.


Photography by Mandy Allen of

outfit details
lace cami  /  pants  /  shoes (no longer online)  /  belt  /  necklace c/o Torrid
blazer c/o Maurices
sunglasses by Domino Dollhouse

Style Find

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Quicky post from my phone!

Totally fell in love with this cut-out shoulder top from Posh Shoppe! Wanted to share, it's current and online now. This is a 3x and only $29.99, plus you can get 10% off with code JESS10. Here's the link >

Xo Jess

Skorch WINS at Portland Fashion & Style Awards

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This post is dedicated to the team of SKORCH Magazine!

I think I'm still in shock. Truly. The good kind, the kind that takes all words away from you and clears your mind completely because after years of pushing forward with the confidence crusade of body empowerment, we win. WE WIN!! Skorch was recognized as Best Fashion Publication at the Portland Fashion & Style Awards. We won against 3 other straight sized publications and the plus size one took it home??!!!!

My mind went so blank I could barely breath, thought my heart was going to explode from nerves! I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart our Editor-in-Chief Tiffany Kaelin Knight, our Executive Fashion Editor Bella Styles who's been with Skorch since day 1, and Jovanna Reyes the visionary behind Skorch TV....Skorch is the ultimate collaboration and this award goes to so many women. I'm so blessed to have such a great team and send my thanks to YOU/THEM!  Thank you to PFSA for including our publication and Executive Producer Tod Foulk for always supporting our mission.

This night was a HUGE night as not only did SKORCH win, so did Keri Atkins for best plus size model!! (pictured below) Keri has done so much work towards empowering women and I'm honored to know her and have worked with her. She is the future of the movement, so excited for her.

Here are some photos and a video I put together of the night. And can I just say that I truly felt like a MILLION dollars in my dress that Torrid was so great to overnight to me, saving my LIFE! Thank you Torrid, I'm forever grateful! This dress is UTTER PERFECTIONNNNNNN.  And, thank you to my bestie and partner in crime Mandy Allen for always being by my side and taking care of me, I love you!

God. I have the best job ever. I love you Team Skorch!!

Get my dress at Torrid! All sizes still in stock - I'm wearing the 3X. Link Here

Photography by Mandy Allen of

And here's the video from the night!

The Wonderful World of Jeggings

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm kinda really obsessed with really. Honestly, why would I EVER turn down comfort??!! Now if you're new to the world of Jeggings, here are some things you need to know....
  • There are different types of jeggings... DO NOT THINK THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.
  • There are two "levels" I prefer - the ones that look/feel like real denim but with stretch and the ones that are a KNIT (not denim).
  • Not all jeggings are created equal - some have pockets, some don't, some have zippers/buttons, some don't. I prefer the type that have zippers/buttons/pockets.
So it's obvious that when I saw SWAK Designs had come out with a new line of jeggings in EVERY color of the rainbow, I freaked out a little. Before going crazy and getting one of every color, decided to try them out (for you and for me!) and see how I like them. Annndddddddd, these are freaking great! GAH, so comfy. These are the knit kind, so they are a thick fabric that has lots of stretch but doesn't show every bump in your bum, you know what I'm talking about? And yes, I have plenty of the lumps and bumps :).

So loving how tight they are on the ankle (that's hard to find), nice and long (goes all the way to bottom of my foot) and love they have zipper/button/back pockets. I'm wearing the 4X here and I'm a size 24 on the bottom and I'm 5'8" to help with length. And, no, not wearing ANY shapewear! This is how they look on my real body - LOL.

Boots f/ Avenue (similar here and here
Blazer Size 3 c/o Torrid

Project Plus Contest - October Challenge - Show Your Full Body Photo

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