Working on my fitness...

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Happy Monday!
I'm kicking off a great week and hope you are too!

If have been hanging out with me on my facebook page ( then you know I've made my physical health a priority. I'm so jazzed after two weeks, I laugh that I'm 14 days "clean"! The energy I have is AMAZING! Why didn't I eat healthy and workout before?! 

Um, because I was the "I have NO time" excuse girl! Hell, I have a busy marketing consulting business, husband that works 70+ hours a week, making my 3.5yo little man a second job as well...yadda yadda, I was sure I had no time....but I do, because I made it a priority. Thank God for my supporting and loving husband who urged me to get to the gym, for my OWN sanity since every time I made a bad decision with food/fitness, I felt bad and knew better. 

Obviously, I'm going to lose weight, I was at 327.8lbs and my back was hurting, my knees hurting and my heart pounding so hard. But just after two weeks of swimming laps and treadmill, I feel a million times better and it's because I'm doing what's RIGHT. Feels good to do the right thing. 

Instead of talking about how much weight I have lost, I think the most important barometer of success to share is my physical health milestones. Day 1, I could only swim 10 laps on 30 minutes and by day 14, I swam 16! WOOHOO! And, I made it 34 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 at 3 incline and didn't die yesterday. LOL 

SO! with all this, I had to go buy some workout clothes!! I found this jacket and pants at Avenue, shoes are Nike. Since my number one fashion requirement is comfort, I think I could LIVE in activewear! I LOVE this white jacket and black zipper, some style and yet still comfy. 

Are you going to THE event of the year for the plus size industry? I'm going and am a proud member of The 2012  Fashion Front for Full Figured Fashion Week™! 

Anyone can attend the many events of FFFWeek! All you have to do is buy your tickets online at, and the tickets sell FAST. It's truly the place to meet all your favorite bloggers, meet the designers and companies in the plus industry and network. It's been explained as THE OSCARS of the plus industry! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!! Full Figured Fashion Week™ in New York City, June 13-16, 2012, be there!


Have a great week!
XOXO Jessica

My Style Tip // Skinny Belts Save The Day

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This outfit is definitely sticking with the theme of "out of my comfort zone".

There's this really neat online shop called Eshakti, and they are one of the leaders in ready to wear and custom sizing online retailers specializing in plus size fashion. I LOVE when I find a retailer that offers unique, flirty and feminine pieces! All too often we see a lot of the same thing, so a trip to Eshakti will send your style pulse racing.

This top was so funny, because when I got it, I thought...hmmmm it's a box? But once I put a skinny belt around it, WAHLA! Box be gone! I swear, a skinny belt can save the day nearly every time. And, I'm so bummed it took me so long to blog this, the top is no longer available online!!! But check out the store, you'll love, promise.

What is your #1 go-to trick? Mine = skinny belts!
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Have a great week!
XOXO Jessica

JEANS c/o SVOBODA BlueStone Jegging   //   WEDGES c/o Torrid Available here in coral and here in black.

comfort zone be damned

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Happy Friddayyyyyyyyy!
This has been a great week for me, I think I have completely jumped over EVERY comfort zone I have, well I have one major one left...that story soon. First, I wore a floral dress I would have NEVER dreamed up before (below), I dropped my major retainer client because even though it paid the bills, I wasn't growing and it was time to move forward and challenge myself, AND I made a committment to myself and my family to get FIT! Bit the bullet and joined the gym (for the 4th time in 6 years - LOL - Hey, I never stop trying!).

This time around (I lost 125lbs in 2001 and now I'm back at my peak weight of 327), it's so different, I'm not some crazy person trying to starve/do anything just to lose weight. I'm doing it the right way...yes, eating less calories with lots of great foods and excerising. See, excercising has always been a snore-fest for me, I'm the let's kick some ass kinda girl where I enjoy Zumba, Kickboxing, Swimming Laps, Volleyball, Basketball, Rockwall and more. I didn't joined my gym not for the machines, but for everything else! Stay tuned on my facebook page for what I'm doing!

Do you see this dress??!!!! It's crazy gorgeous!!! And, Torrid, you know I love you, but the photo online doesn't do it any justice. I found this baby on clearance and they had my size 26/28 in stock and thought, hey, that'll make a great blog in I thought I'd look horrible and laugh it all off.....well, I didn't and so glad I got this!!!!!!! They only have size 16 in stock now. (link at bottom)

Have you challenged and JUMPED over your comfort zone? Tell me! Share with me on FB

Have a great weekend!
XOXO Jessica

DRESS Purchased Torrid  /  SHOES c/o Torrid / CLUTCH H&M

Blue & Yellow Orgasm

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My obsession with yellow and blue has officially PEAKEEEDDDDD.

Have to admit, a year ago I never would have dreamed I would leave the house in this color ensemble, and maybe lack of sun in the NW is truly to blame, but I can NOT get enough yellow/gold and blue. This is the $6 blazer I snapped up at Lane Bryant a bit a ago, and while cruising womens, I saw this tube top max in bright yellow...well my mind started racing..especially when I saw the skinny belts!!!!! I bought the blue and bright yellow one - gah - love them so much.

The belts are definitely bigger, I bought the size 26 to be save, but really, could have gone down two sizes if needed.  And, I love the animal print with the blue and yellow too, I think it pops great.

What are your favorite color/print pairings? I need more ideas...I'm going pairing crazy! AHAH Tell me at my fb page -

Have a great weekend!
XOXO Jessica

Jessica's List // Top 5 Plus Fashion Finds

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I started doing Jessica's List a while ago, but got so busy I didn't keep it up!! :( So, going to bring it back. It's really my top 5 shopping list for the week and I'll include any specials/deals I know of to pass along to you. Here's what I'm loving this week & why!

You know InPink by now! And I'm obsessed with their fashion jewelry because it's affordable and gorgeous. These earrings are on my must have list as my obsession with Gold and Coral continues to spin out of control.

One of my little shopping secrets is, a JR plus shopping site, but still a great place for affordable plus finds. Shop the "extended sizes" section to find fashion up to size 25 (junior). This v-neck maxi is absolute perfection....and with the slit?!! GAh, love it.

One of my favorite stops is Swak, they are a sponsor of my site, and I choose to partner with them because they offer fun and easy pieces for up to size 5x! I can't think of many places that offer the same great finds up to size 32 like they do. They just released a preview of some of their summer styles and this maxi dress caught my eye. I'm not a usual pattern lover...but this pattern is so chic and so perfect (paired with Gold accessories of course!!!!).
Torrid always keeps the fashion on trend and fringe is H.O.T. right now. I actually don't own ONE fringe piece and this is the one I would be willing to step my toe into the fringe fashion pool for. The color is perfect and the back is a razor back, which I can never say no to.

Monif C is a luxury brand by one of the most amazing women I know. If you watched BET Rip The Runway, you saw her fashions! Her clothes are known for chic and sexy, fierce fabulous for a curvy girl with supreme fit and quality. Can't say no to that?! And this swimsuit is my all time favorite. A sassy one piece that will look AMAZE and feel amaze.

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Have a great weekend!
XOXO Jessica

The Great Mindfuck

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Overly photoshopped images like the one above are pure mind fuckery. I'm sorry to use strong language if you are one that hates cussing, but I can't find any better word.

I know I talk a lot about clothing and accessories, but that doesn't mean that's all I am. I am a passionate woman and mother that has a young child and I fiercely believe that media literacy is vital. I use my platforms of SKORCH and this blog to give the world REAL images of REAL women in the hope I will inspire one woman at a time to realize they are beautiful and perfect as they are.

I think EVERY woman and man needs to watch the below series from one of the most amazing women I know, Jean Kilbourne Ed.D.

She takes a fresh look at how advertising traffics in distorted and destructive ideals of femininity. Killing Us Softly 4 stands to challenge a new generation to take advertising seriously, and to think critically about popular culture and its relationship to sexism, eating disorders, and gender violence.

Trust me, once you watch this, you will think about advertising/photoshop/weight/sex differently.

Please tell Jean how much this has moved you on FB - tell her I sent you -

Part I

Part II

Wanted to get involved?
If you are in the Southern California area, check out this amazing event where fellow Full Figured Fashion Front Blogger Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista will be speaking. Click poster for details.

 West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference Kick-Off Panel discussion

And check out this amazing organization, Teen Voices, who support and educate teen girls to amplify their voices and create social change through media. Teen Voices was founded in 1988 by two young women in Cambridge, Massachusetts who believed in the power of girls and young women to create social change through writing and art. Their vehicle of choice was the production and publication of Teen Voices, a glossy magazine by, for, and about teen girls.

Be an instrument of CHANGE.


Bought my first clutch...

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I finally got to wear my H&M loot! Fun shopping lunch with Mandy resulted in MORE purchased items, seriously....such a bad influence.

And, in related news - purchased my first clutch. LOL yep, never buy them, I always opt for the wristlet or crossbody but thought I'd try one on for size. I did love the color and all, but found carrying the damn thing obnoxious especially when trying to shop! :) But hey, it looked cute!?? This was from H&M as well.

And I have to say, I loved the sheer top, flats and skinnies, felt so comfy and cute.  I think the necklace, watch and clutch take this outfit from bore to cool, thank goodness for accessories!


The H&M plus shirt & necklace from this post.

Persian Bandage Mini

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I had so much fun dressing up the other day! I had snapped up this crazy gorgeous mini from Torrid and was even more excited to find it fit so perfectly. Mine is a size 4, but they only have a size 3 left now (see link below!). What I love best is the fact the skirt STAYS, doesn't scoot up up know? Love that.

Gotta love the peak of black bra *wink wink* Hahah, you know, just a 30-something mom trying to act like she's 25 for the night :). Whatevs....every girl deserves to feel freaking frisky once in a while. This skirt brought it out. And, I think there's nothing sexier than a sleek blazer paired with the unexpected.


Hematite Rhinestone 3 Flower Short Necklace BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% Off

Giveaway! Win my sunglasses! TWO winners!

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Yellow & Blue Skinny Belts for Size 26!

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I've been OBSESSED with skinny belts after wearing my only one I had, black, with my CCB Custom Dress at the Washington Plus America Pageant. So, I've been on the HUNT for bright colored skinny belts that would fit my size 26 waist...and look what I found!!

Yellow and blue - so happy. Now I'm on the hunt for green and gold. ohhhhhhhh

Get these at Old Navy right now for only $17.99!!


School Girl

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I had purchased this top to go with that sequin mini I facebooked forever ago (yah, that skirt is another story), and while it didn't work with the mini, I started to think about it in a more classic way with my ponte skirt from Lane Bryant and new wedges from Torrid. I know I'm late to the sheer party, but man, I can't get enough right now! And, I looked online, but this top is no longer at Avenue.

Breaking a few old school style rules!

  • Sheer is a MUST!
  • And ruffles are OK, even if you have a larger bust like mine (42DD).
  • Opaque tights with open toe wedges/heels is ok!
  • You can still be sexy while showing very little skin :)

Now go break a few old school myths and rock YOUR style.


Behind the scenes video with Stacy!


TOP Avenue / SKIRT Lane Bryant / TIGHTS We Love Colors / WEDGES c/o Torrid

Photos by Stacy J Photography - Love her images? Please like her page!