Outfit of the Day // Pastel Pink

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This pastel pink cardi is a pleasant surprise, never thought pastel would make me so happy! And, a brown belt as well! Loving it. Check out the other gorgeous colors of this cardi at www.swakdesigns.com and my video below.

CARDI c/o SwakDesigns.com JEGGINS c/o Svoboda BELT c/o Torrid

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

What should PassionJonesz and Jess do next? You vote!

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So excited! My girl PassionJonesz and I wanted to team up and have our readers/viewers vote for a look for us to recreate! We want YOU to tell us what to do next! Choose a makeup look and a style look.

Visit my girl Passion at www.youtube.com/passionjoneszwww.facebook.com/PassionJonesz!!

The Voting begins Today Friday the 27th and ends Tuesday the 31st. 

We will recreate and post on Wed & Thurs!
XOOX Jess & Passion

Now Vote!

Venturing out of my comfort zone

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

TOP c/o Karen Kane PANTS c/o Svoboda BOOTS c/o Torrid

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

Reader Q&A // Spring Casual Picks

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I had the best reader question yesterday, about casual style and it got me thinking, I wear casual all the time! And, I'm sorry I don't show more of that. Honestly, I'm casual unless I have something to dress up for, but really I could live in the tops below with my Svoboda Jeggings and favorite flats. Style doesn't have to be complicated, it's just about finding simple tops with a little bit of style added. Pockets, cuts, pleats, strips, etc add a lot to the simple top. AND, you always need a cool "over thing" to throw on for added pop. So the top line are my fav simple tops and the bottom line are my fav over things.

Plus! ALL my picks are on CLEARANCE, everything $13 to $35.

Button Back Jersey Tank  12.97
Pleated Tank 17.99
3/4 Sleeve Boat Neck 13.99
Dolman Tunic 25.00
Microfleece ActiveJacket 29.99
Open Cardigan 25.00
Striped Cardigan 34.99
Military Jacket 35.00

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

Truly Honored - Pose Magazine Top 25

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Yesterday was quite the day, the POSE Magazine Top 25 Women Visionaries by Renee Jennings was published, and I am beyond honored to be included with many women who paved the wave for me in the plus size fashion industry and who are powerhouse females that I look to for inspiration and encouragement.

Congrats to everyone who was honored! Frenchie Davis, Skorch Magazine Exclusive Feature Cover Girl and honored as well, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista who I consider an icon in the plus fashion industry, and SO many more. Please visit the magazine and be sure to read Renee's opening, it's amazing.

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

Dressing Room Confidential | Lane Bryant

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I thought it would be fun to head to my local Lane Bryant to try some clothes on for you! I know the last one I did at Torrid seemed to be a hit and I had spotted some great items online lately that I felt I just needed to try on first. Sorry that this is a longer post!

First up was a sweater/jacket I just new I would love! Listen to me now, GO GET THIS JACKET!! It's super thick and super warm, would be great with long sleeve top underneath to keep toasty. I'm wearing size 22/24.

Then I wanted to try this top I've seen a lot in LB marketing, but the models wear the color block one. However, I wanted to try the white one. Love a chic white top. Can't say it's my favorite, this was a size 26/28 and I found to be more snug than I thought it would be. I was thinking something more flowy. The arms were a big snug and the neck I thought could have been bigger.  The good thing is it comes with a free tank, which I LOVED. LOLS....so maybe just buy for the tank?? :)

Then I tried on this dots cardigan, which in fact looked much better in person than online. 

Wearing size 22/24 and the white free tank (from above) underneath it.

OK so this top is a MUST BUY RIGHT NOW kind of top. Perfection, amazing, love love love.

I spotted this dress, seemed ehhh on the rack, but was pleasantly surprised with how it looked on. This is the size 24. Thought I would try something a little different, a little outside my comfort zone for ya :).

I think we all know I'm OBSESSED with anything orange/tangerine lately, and this top CALLED to me. I threw on the black/white sweater (that you're going to promptly go out and BUY) and felt like a million bucks. Such a great pairing!

Then I found a cool hat and scarf I wanted to try on. Didn't really have an "outfit" so just put on over the tank/jeans. I LOVE a great hat/scarf! I LOVE the yellow/black/white print.

And all my great finds!

I'm really love all these pieces and hope that me trying them on for you helps a little.
Here are the handy links to find them online! Now go fill your closet with some color and pattern and 
don't be afraid to try something new.


Look what I just found online?? Get 30% off LB with this baby! Use on your phone at the store or print. Now to Sunday!

it's a hat day

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Oh my gosh you guys,
I'm sick and have ZERO energy for the hair routine, and out of contacts, haven't ordered and jailed to my glasses...I'm embracing the studious look :-|. But that WON'T stop me from feeling cute!

Thank goodness I have some hats on standby. Here's one of my favs, I wore it on this post too.

*TIP* Do your hair AFTER you put the hat on :) Heeheee....I just straighten the ends poking out and voila! Cute :)

Me wearing this hat in a post from fall, god I miss my old back yard. The leaves were breathtaking. :(
Read the entire post here.

Oh! And, I had the best web-garage sale ever! Check out "shop my closet" up above, and I have about 30 more items to post including more shoes, fancy dresses and everything in between.

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

an obsession

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So I have a confession....I'm a TAD bit obsessed with this top/red/ruffles.

It's so funny because I blogged not long ago how excited I was to try new colors/patterns, but then the red came back with a vengeance!! I swear, it's all I wear now.....again. ;) There's just something about red that when I put it on, I just feel freaking fab. Then add my gold chandelier earrings, AHHHHH LOVE! And the best plus jeggings ever from Svoboda, and you have a good day!

So, I'm sorry if you're bored of the red, I'm sure it will pass soon....but until then.....happy Friday!

TOP c/o Simply Be
PANTS c/o Svoboda 
SHOES Payless Dexter Wedges

EARRINGS circa too long ago :)

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

You can't always believe what you see.

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This has been a MONUMENTALLY amazing morning. You know it's true when I'm talkin' in caps! ;)

First, you might have seen from my twitter/facebook, but I'm so excited to announce I'm the newest addition to the Perez family as a plus fashion contributor for CoCo Perez!!!! You can check out my first Coco Perez article. I'll be bringing my weekly "list" to www.cocoperez.com, so check it out! And, ironically I had a lunch date lined up with my girl Margaux Jean, who is also a FitPerez contributor. Mox and I met in 2006 when we did fashion events/marketing in Portland and never would I have imagined so many years later we'd be right where we needed to be and crossing paths again. I love her articles on nutrition and how she never talks about weight, but rather health. Must watch her Easy Nutritional Resolutions for 2012 on FitPerez!

Here's our picture from lunch today! :) What do bloggers do at lunch? They take lots of cell phone pictures :)

My good friend & blogger and soon to be co-author (*wink*) Mandy forwarded me this video, which is exactly what I mean when I say, don't always believe what you see in media. Such a great video and really.....eyelashes are eyelashes people!!! When you see a commercial about amazing lashes...keep that in mind. Honestly, the lashes thing sends me over the edge with the false advertising. Over. The. Edge.

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

#5daydressup challenge

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Let the #5daydressup challenge begin!
Happy Monday lovers, hope you had a great weekend relaxxxxxinnggg and lounnggggginnnngggg.
But, now it's dress up week and I'm challenging US to dress up every day this week.
Because when you look good, you feel good!

I had a meeting this morning, so I just got back, took some quick snaps and here you go! I went easy on the makeup, but in the pics looks like I have nothing on!! GAH.. Oh well....PROOF I dressed up! I showed you mine, now show me yours :) Upload your daily #5daydressup pic (full body of course) to my facebook wall or tweet and tag with #5daydressup @jessicakane!

Happy Monday, let's shake 'n bake baby.
LOL...yes, I JUST said that.

;-| blaming caffeine

BLAZER c/o Torrid
WEDGES Dexter from Payless
HANDBAG c/o Torrid
BRACELET c/o Fashion to Figure

Love your body and embrace your inner style,

I'm not superwoman. I'm not superwoman. I'm not superwoman.

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You know that thing where you try to be superwoman? It's dangerous I tell ya....

Well, I was gently reminded by my good friend Mandy the other day, that I'm not.

Everywhere I turn, I see "New Year, New You!!" and all the while it's giving me a freaking complex already. I am an admitted over-achiever perfectionist and well, the OLD me is screaming at myself for trying to be so new and awesome be the best wife, publisher, blogger, photographer, consultant, mother, cook, maid, yadda yaddda......and well I MIGHT have had a mini meltdown the other day. Might. 

"Stop trying to be superwoman," those were Mandy's words, and damn it...she's right. Just keeping it real.

Why is it so easy for the "perfection infection" to take control and help us lose all sense of reality, which is 1000% IMperfect? Why? I don't know, I just know that I'm so thankful for friends that keep it real and slap me back to normal once in a while.

Oh, and I'm VERY thankful for my Torrid navy blue striped cardi, it makes me feel normal too. LOL In fact, after looking at these pictures again, my new favorite thing in my closet.

TOP Ashley Stewart
CARDI c/o Torrid
NECKLACES Macy's and c/o Fashion to Figure (choker)
WALLET Walgreens
WATCH c/o Monroe & Main
PANTS c/o Old Navy Plus
SHOES Payless Dexter Wedges

Love your body and embrace your inner style,