Thursday, September 27, 2012

Proper Work Attire

As a marketing & branding consultant, I find that my wardrobe also reflects my professional aesthetic and can easily win or lose me any client. So how do you show your style while playing within the corporate dress code rules? 

My recipe usually always involves the following:

  • 1 part perfect blazer, ruched or rolled sleeves a must.
  • 1 part perfect under-blazer top that has color/ruffles/vneck and pop-up collars are a bonus like this top!
  • 1 part the perfect dark denim / dark trouser. Denim I hear is a big no no, however, I feel this ads a perfect chic to any outfit and my fav is a dark bootcut from Torrid, the Isabella.
  • 3 parts amazing accessories! Shoes, Belt, Necklace. One of my fav styling tricks is to wear the belt around the top with the blazer OVER that. However with a flowy blazer/cardigan, I love to put a skinny belt on top.
Sometimes what's proper isn't always so obvious, don't be afraid to mix color and bold accessories into your work wardrobe this winter!


Outfit Details
Blazer c/o Torrid
Denim c/o Torrid Size 26 Boot Cut Isabella *LOVE THESE* True to size.
Necklace - Fashion Bug
Clutch & Sunglasses - Target
Shoes c/o Lane Bryant
Belt - came on a Torrid dress 3 years ago

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