a $20 watch made my day

Monday, May 16, 2011

So I have a millions things to show and tell! But, headed out the door to snooze for hopefully 36 hours. I just produced the second largest event of my life, but feels like the biggest since it was a very complicated wedding show concept. It (Portland Weddings of the World) was last night, and everything was beyond belief beautiful. I am so blessed to have worked with so many of the top wedding professionals in Portland, especially since I'm the new kid on the wedding block around here :).

I was headed to the radio station the other day to promote the show, and it was right after Mother's Day and my hubby suprised me with the best gift ever. I'm easy to please on the material stuff, it's the thought that counts for me. And my husband had offered to drop off our kiddo at daycare that morning to make my life easier while I rushed to get ready to leave, which is really the best present ever already, and when he came back, he had a Kohl's bag and a huge smile. See, for Christmas I asked for some sort of replica of the Michael Kors white watch, and if he bought anything over $50 I would hurt him.

And this $20 knock off totally made my morning! He said he saw some girl wearing it, asked her where to get it and how much and ran to Kohl's....LOL. I love it.

Here's to the small things in life that make us smile.


Outfit deets:
There will be another post about my entire outfit soon! But the watch is from Kohl's and top gifted from www.sizestofit.com!! I love love love this top!!!!! And they have in red and white too! http://www.sizestofit.com/products/Layered_Dressy_Tank_Top-2827-50.html. I am wearing size 3X.


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