Fashion Find Friday | Bogo Weekend!

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It's Friday ladies and I honestly think of two things when dreaming about the weekend, my workout on Sunday morning and what I'm going to have to wear for the weekend festivities. Since I'm a mommy with little cash to plunk down for designer duds, I go clearance sale shopping. But, I still need to look fabulous, afterall I have the pressure of this blog and being all fabulous!

I do have a birthday to attend, and will most likely make a stop at a fabulous lounge as well, I'll be sure to post some mobile photos to share. Until then, looks like it's a bogo weekend ladies.

OH YAH! Bogo anyone :) Since I wear a wide 10 or 11, Payless is truly the ONLY place I buy shoes...

Payless Shoes

fresh, flirty gladiator sandals with color, texture and shine

I love this store because they carry straight and plus sizes!

Feel free to share with friends! And thanks for stopping by - now go have a fabulous weekend girl!


Curvy doesn't have to mean FAT

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 14 Comments A+ a-

Seriously. Curvy doesn't mean nor does it have to mean fat. While the term plus size is extremely vague in my opinion, I choose to embrace the curves of my womanly body, but refuse to be in denial about being overweight. There comes a point when curvy turns to fat, and it's time to get back into shape. As a size 26/28, I am not embarrassed or hate myself/body, in fact I'm quite confident since I know my personality is my number 1 accessory...but I live life with the mentality of living life to the fullest - and for me that means being more physically fit so I can enjoy hikes and biking! Funny, the word curvy...I thought long and hard on my blog's title, and while I am curvy, I do not wish to be fat my entire life.

So, when the time came to spearhead some weightloss, there were two things I needed to do:
1) get some workout clothes! I decided to hit up my fav online places for activewear, old navy and always for me (yes they have activewear too!).
2) sign up for a gym - 24hr fitness had a great deal - so I signed up for the personal trainer too.

Then, it was time to hit the gym!
And, I say often, don't take yourself seriously! So, to prove I follow my own advice, here's a few shots of me trying to be cool in my activewear. *laughing* Seriously in my head I was FIERCE! :)

Why I love the pants: As a "curvy" girl, I need a little extra support, if you know what I mean -and these pants from Always for Me are absolutely AWESOME! Honestly, once I put them on - I'm ready to shake and bake! :)

Outfit Deets:

Women's Plus Size Workout - 9502 Yoga/Bootleg Pant - Black & Navy - Sizes 1X-6X

More Colors
Our Price: $44.00

Top from Old Navy Plus- Online
Women's Plus Lace-Trim Camis Regular Price $10.00-$12.50

And! Do your feet go numb when on the treadmill or machines?
Mine do, and I asked my trainer today what to do...he said get Diabetic Socks. Guess they reduce the pressure on your ankle and allow better circulation! Genius! So, here are some diabetic socks via Google....

Shopping results for diabetic socks women

What do you think? Does curvy mean fat?

I love me some Torrid

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When it's a girls night out, I bust out the zebra baby! *laughing* I call this my vintage Torrid top, it's seriously 3 years old, a size 2 (in Torrid sizing) and somehow still fits! I love this top so much because of the cut, it's absolutely perfect for my body. I always opt for the V-neck 3/4 sleeve, and if I ever write a book - I'll dedicate and ENTIRE chapter to the art of ILLUUSSIONNNN. :)

And, for those who love my hair color - it's 4AR baby! L'Oreal all the way ...cheers!

Outfit Deets:
Top - Vintage Torrid
Pants - Houston Trousers in Black from Lane Bryant
Earrings - Torrid Rhinestone hoops - TO DIE!

Buy a top like mine at Celeste's Room....
I went searching for a top like mine, and found one for ya! Comes in size 14/16 and 22/24. Click picture to purchase.

Black & White Zebra Print Top (1X-3X)

+Review | Lucie Lu Whimsy Bow Tee

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6 Comments A+ a-

Last week I was excited to learn about a new plus size online retailer. As the publisher of Skorch Mag, I'm definitely lucky to be one of the first ones to find out first. The awesome girls at Lucie Lu asked me to try out one of their tops. I admit I do get a lot of clothing to sample, the luxury of the job, but I promise you I would never tell you to wear it unless I felt in my heart you would love it and I was not compensated for this review. So, disclaimers aside, here's the breakdown...

meet my little man Kyle - he's always messing up the shot! :)



Fabric: Being 60% poly~32% rayon~8% spandex, it's surprisingly quality feeling. Not too thin.

Details: The detailing is beautiful and the stitching is perfect. One of the first things I will bag on is any loose stitching or sloppy detailing.

Cut/Fit: Perfection! I simply LOVE the puffy sleeve, makes it feel so perfect. The website sizing was spot on.

Color: My photos are not retouched, so the color you see is the color you get. I do think the website image is a bit off on the color. See website image below.

Overall Summary: I absolutely adore the shirt. One thing to remember, always look at the care instructions...being a busy mom I would have normally thrown this piece in the dryer, but it does say to lay flat...makes sense with the detailing. This shows you why I HATE buying sequins! LOL - I don't have the patience for air-dry, but for this top, I'll try :).

Get this top at Lucie Lu


Sizes: 1x(14/16) to 5x (30)

PS - Click here to get my cropped pants from Old Navy!
$29.50 Sizes 16-30


Mom's CAN wear hot pink :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 14 Comments A+ a-

I love hot pink, and just because you're not 25 anymore, you CAN embrace your pink. I was doing a photoshoot for my company profile and needed some professional shots, so I called up my friend Bunn Salarazon, an amazing lifestyle photog, for some help. I didn't want to wear black as usual, so after some online searching - I found a fantastic dress at Curvaceous Boutique. I definitely had to embrace my Spanx to make this dress work on my body, but I loved the color! What do you think?

(c) Bunn Salarzon Hair/Mua by Me :)

Outfit Deets:
Buy this dress in 3 different colors at
Raquel Dress
Size 14/16 to 26/28 in stock!

Let's Trade Show!

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As a sales professional, sometimes I gotta bring the heat! So, my favorite way to do this is a sharp tailored blazer. Why a blazer? With my shape being more pear (thanks to the extra 50lbs from my 19month old son Kyle), I need something that will define my non-existent waist and a tailored blazer does this well! And, as usual, I pair with my trusty Houston Trousers from Lane Bryant.

Outfit Deets
Top - Torrid
Blazer - Torrid
Pants - Lane Bryant
Sunglasses - Curvy Girl Clothing
Necklace - Target

Charity Gala - Lane Bryant

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

Oh what to wear to a charity gala?! I know I look underdressed, but I was a lead volunteer and needed to last around 9 hours on the floor on the GO! My go-to pants for a dressy evening where I need to be comfortable are definitely my Houston Trousers by Lane Bryant. They did just change their fit and pocket, which I really don't like, but guess I have to get over (I hate it when they change my pants!).

Outfit Deets
Top & Shrug & Houston Trousers - LANE BRYANT

Plus Size Clothing Review - Old Navy Plus

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 3 Comments A+ a-

I was super excited to get a box of clothes from Old Navy Plus. They wanted to know my opinion on fit and quality. Honestly, I was seriously happy. I admit these pieces don't look good on the rack - BUT - they DO look good on a plus body. I had to run to Red Robin for a business lunch and needing something kinda hip, but more casual. And, of course, I wanted to be comfy!

Here's my review:

JEAN: I'm a size 26/28 5'8", and they sent the "diva" plus jean - which goes for only $20! I Do love the fit, perfectly cut for my legs (not too big or skinny at bottom). Only gripe on jeans is they have no give, like most plus jeans.

TANK: This tank top was a surprise. I was like "eeehhhh" when I saw it, but I put it on and was like wow - i love it. It was a perfect elastic band at the bottom, so it won't budge, the flowers are so cool and the fit and color is great.

SHRUG: The "overthing" - lol- what would you call it? Well, it was actually quite cool. The arms roll and button up, and it does NOT button or tie closed, supposed to stay open and loose. As a devoted tailored blazer kind of gal, I was surprising comfy. The fabric was nice and thin, perfect for spring.

Total Fit/Quality Grade: A
Absolutely recommend.


About - Who is Jessica Kane?

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Jessica Kane Mother / Wife / Publisher / Blogger / Stylist / Spokesperson / Entrepreneur / Confidence Crusader

 Jessica Kane is a mother, wife, spokeswoman, entrepreneur and a blogging pioneer who has been recognized by USA Today, and as an influential plus size style blogger challenging the idea that big girls can't have style with her blog Life & Style of Jessica. She is a confidence crusader who has created a fashion media empire from empowering women to love their bodies and dress it fabulously, which earned her the 2012 Portland Business Journal Woman of Influence Award. She is the creator of the viral sensation Full Body Photo Project, as well as owner/publisher of the world's largest plus style blogger network SKORCH Magazine. In a world where over edited images of women encourage us to hate our bodies, Jessica uses her digital magazine and blog as platforms to inspire confidence in women, one real photo at a time... all while calling Portland OR home, not New York or LA!

In November 2012, her passion and expertise in production lead her to become the co-owner and Executive Director of the 3rd longest running city fashion week in the United States - Portland Fashion Week. Under her direction, PFW became the first major fashion week in the world to feature 'plus' models on the runway alongside their thinner couterparts in every designer fashion show. Once a annual event, she has expanded the brand into a bianuual event that now incorporates shopping, beauty and music along with the fashion standards the world knows it for.

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2006 |  Co-Founded SKORCH Magazine at 24 Years Old
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2009 |  SKORCH wins "Ezine of the Year" at Full Figured Fashion Week
2010 |  Starts style blog Fatshion Chic /
2011 |  Jessica's blog reaches 1 Million Views, 200K in December alone
2011 |  #1 on Google Search Term "Fatshion"
2011 |  Joins as a plus fashion contributor
2011 |  Featured in Lane Bryant, Sonsi, Torrid, Swak Designs, CocoPerez, Formspring and more sites.
2012 |  Chosen as first ever blogger for a feature photo shoot with leading US plus retailer, Torrid
2012 |  Chosen to be on the exclusive Full Figured Fashion Week Fashion Front Blogger Team
2012 |  Featured on in article highlighting three of top "fatshion" bloggers
2012 |  Honored as "Woman of Influence" from Portland Business Journal
2012 |  Featured in USA Today for the Full Body Photo Project
2012 |  Featured on for USA Today coverage on Full Body Photo Project
2012 |  Became co-owner and Executive Director of the 3rd longest running city fashion week in the United States - Portland Fashion Week

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My story of overcoming poverty, abuse and a broken home. by Mandy Allen 

She was born in Oakland, CA in 1980. From her first breath, her world was defined by tragic clich├ęs. Teenage mother, absentee father, abuse, neglect… it’s a story told over and over again in every corner of the world. Experiences too horrific for her young mind to deal with were banished to a dark corner never to be recalled again.  When presently asked about her childhood, only fleeting memories slip through her defenses. For most of her life, the only words she heard when looking in the mirror were you're fat, ugly and not worth it. But, after a series life changing events in 2004 including a dangerous crash diet, the end of her first marriage and a miscarriage, she realized her strength and potential, and instead of listening to the voices in her head that for so long tore her down, she chose to listen to the powerful women that was hidden away for so long. Fat, Ugly and Worthless, were replaced with Beautiful, Powerful, Confident, and in an instant the light bulb went on. By loving her body, she also loved herself.  By embracing ALL of her being, she stopped picking at her flaws and instead celebrated her strengths. Out of the bright light of understanding a crusader was born.  The young woman knew if every woman could just stop judging their every flaw, and instead could praise their unique beauty, then they would begin to recognize their own power and confidence.  She felt driven to break the cycle of hate and despair. More than anything Jessica wants to prevent other women from the misery she felt.  She wants to stop the cycle.  She knows together with her fellow females she can stop the hate and judgment. Together we can love our bodies and strive to be the best we can be. She did it with every obstacle in her path and wants to encourage YOU take the first step on the way to being the best person you can be, by first loving who you already are.  

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