dedicated to all over things, belts, skinny jeans and sandals...

Friday, September 03, 2010

I love overthings and I love belts! So, this is dedicated to all overthings and belts that make my life happier.
Oh! And, jeggings.
And, sandals.
I think that's it.


Happy Friday!! I'm so tired, so this post is shorter - but I started a new day job on Wednesday and am the Marketing Manager for Pollin Hotels, which is a group of hotels including Sheraton, Hampton Inn & Aloft in the Portland market. So I manage all marketing for all 3 hotels. wfew! Day 3 and already I'm knee deep and my feet hurt. *laughing*

I love you guys and will still continue to blog, since I can't wear overthings, skinny jeans and sandals to work :(. boo!

And, thanks to my girl Brittany for taking these shots of me!

Outfit Deets:
White overthing - Gifted by Old Navy Plus Size - 2x
Black cami - Mossimo for Target - 2x
Pants - Gifted by Old Navy Plus Size jeggings size 26
Shoes - Payless size 11W
Belt - Vintage Torrid - size 3

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  1. I just love jeggings too... But I don't wear belts often even if I found these adorable...specially on you!
    anyway I discovered your blog a couple of days ago & I just love it.
    You're a gorgeous woman :)


  2. I haven't owned a pair of pants/jeans in a long while, but I recently bought those same jeggings from Old Navy and I love them! They are a bit long on me b/c I'm short, but they look perfect on you!

  3. Congrats for the new job!
    I love jeggings and belts too!! I wear wear them almost every day!
    You are such a beautiful lady.

  4. totally cute outfit!!!!!! I love that you post your sizes! It shows your very comfortable in your skin!! Thank you!


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