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Monday, September 27, 2010


Busy. That is the only word I can think of right now. Busy with work. Busy being a mom & wifey, busy trying to be awesome, busy networking, busy shopping, and busy being busy. I do love it, but for some reason it's taken a toll on my confidence. I don't worry that I'm ugly or fat, but I worry I'm not a good mom or marketing manager and especially not a good friend.

It's a horrible feeling to realize your priorities have to change, and unless you do the shuffling around yourself, it will happen naturally. I had to say bye-bye to things that were so much fun like the a fashion show we (skorch magazine) were going to produce at The Curvy Revolution. It just wasn't physically possible, unless I had a clone and transporter - maybe then? I haven't had time to do the magazine, leaving my editor-in-chief stranded...I love you Cali! I can't remember the last time I read a book and I LOVE reading!! :( No time for dates with the hubby or hardly time to cook dinner?!

But, you know what? This is the happiest and most alive I have felt in a long time. Kind of like a really deep tissue massage, it hurts like hell at first, but then you realize - that was exactly what you needed. I can't wait for the masseur to stop kneading my back already!

jessica kane

Outfit Deets:
White Blazer - Torrid size 3
Tank Top - Merona for Target size 24
Pants - Lane Bryant Houston/classic Trousers - Red 8
Shoes - Payless size 11W
Necklace - Gifted from Torrid
Handbag - Liz Claiborne @ ROSS

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  1. Love the outfit! you are doing a great job..

  2. Wonderful outfit, your bag is fabulous. Love your positive attitude, I couldn't agree more, life is great so let's live it and embrace it !

  3. Black and white--timeless. You look classy, polished and pulled together! Love your bag.

  4. Love the bangs!! i am thinking of getting mine but waiting for the winter.


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