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Sunday, September 21, 2014

It has been a crazy busy last few weeks and thank goodness we can keep in touch via facebook and instagram! This day I had a meeting with my TV partner KOIN TV for Portland Fashion Week and luckily Lane Bryant saved the day - because I barely have time to shower let alone deal with the vortex that is my laundry. Did I mention my 6yo started Kindergarten and I had to adjust my entire schedule around his NEW one RIGHT before PFW? #LordbabyJesus

Well, the beautifully wrapped box that contained this outfit made me look quite polished to meet the execs - thankfully! Plus, got to take my new shoes around the block - obsessed. I have to point out these pants because you can NOT underestimate a good pair of slacks and in my world perfect equals fabric that won't look wrinkled, center creasing down the leg (looks so freaking polished IF the pant is a slim leg pant) and perfect length to still show off my shoes. These pants fit that bill, and they have the tighter tummy technology which I can't say I've ever paid any attention to - but in these slacks, I like. My bottom belly doesn't feel all squished and weird and for those with that problem, these pants are great! I was surprised they fit honestly as they are a 26 and with the month of stress eating I had NO clue what size I really was! LOL

Did I mention I hate my hair lately? I have held out for SOOOO long, trying to grow it, have made it light and dark - both to save me from chopping it off - and meanwhile - I just feel I have no MOJO. :| I just feel so ordinary blah. And, can't seem to style my hair to save my soul, I swear - I used to be so good at hair! WHAT HAPPENED??!! GAH. Don't be surprised if you see me with something dramatic soon, I feel it coming. o_O

Until then :) xo Jess

Pants size 26R and Top size 26/28 (I had to unbutton last one to make room for my big bum!) c/o Lane Bryant
Shoes size 11W Lane Bryant
Necklace Avenue

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