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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey guys! I had a planning meeting with The Art Institute of Portland for Portland Fashion Week. They are a presenting sponsor and their students have a showcase on one night at PFW! It's so cool and crazy that in fact the reason I moved to Portland was to attend AI and become a fashion designer?!? Crazy how things turn out, where I'm sitting and planning a fashion show with the Director of Fashion of AI?! LOL So, needless to say I try to dress nice when I visit and SimplyBe was so very nice to send me some items to show for the Holiday Season.

While I wore this to a business meeting, this definitely would make a perfect outfit for an office holiday party. If I had one to go to - I would wear this! AHAH Wait, as the boss I guess I'm totally failing by not planning an team holiday party right? Hell, I'm so behind on all holiday planning that I'm lucky there is a tree up in my house. Why must I procrastinateeeeeee?

Anyways, I hope you have a great week and I have another holiday themed outfit coming too - and it's FUN!

Happy Holidays

Sorry for the not so sharp pics - was in a hurry and took on my iphone.

Outfits Courtesy of SimplyBe (all items are true to size, which is so nice)
Top (link)- This blouse is so freaking gorgeous and I LOVE the fabric and everything. But, if you have larger hips and belly, then it will be tighter around there. So, I opt to wear this top tucked in - wouldn't work for me as a flowy piece.

Skirt (link here) - This skirt is absolutely magnificent. It is longer and being 5'8" it's a tad longer than I like, although I always wear my skirts very high up the waist, so it worked and definitely a buy.

Coat is last season, but check out this amazing version!! So want this one too -

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